When the file formats may vary, the page sizes of different files are also inconsistent. Once required to combine various documents into a single one, what should we do to ensure the files are uniform in size? This guide mainly focuses on how to adjust the sizes of different pages.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: When the converter is activated, click PDF to Image, and then hit Start to save the images converted from the former PDF file into a specified location;

Step 2: Open the destination folder to view all the converted images. Go back to the SwifDoo Converter to select Image to PDF and then add the images to the operation console;

Step 3: Be sure to tick the direction of this new document under the Page Size tab to standardize the size and orientation;

Step 4:Click the Start button again to finalize the entire conversion process.

After this, open the newly created document and verify if it meets your needs.