Well, it’s nearly that time of year again. The air has turned cold, the nights are long, the days are short, there are festive decorations and bright fairy lights in homes, towns, and cities all across the long, which can mean only one thing – Christmas is coming.

Whether you’re a fan of the holidays or not, it’s safe to say that kids most definitely are, and if you’re looking for ways of bringing some magic into their lives, why not help them create the ultimate letter to Santa this year?

Every year around the Holidays, children will write letters to Santa, explaining how they’ve been good and asking for certain toys and items to unwrap and open on Xmas morning. Rather than having them just scribble down the names of toys and gifts on an old piece of paper this year, why not get a little more creative and inventive?

Here’s a look at several tips on how to write a letter to Santa.

Download a Christmas Letter PDF Template

If you want to give your festive letter a professional look and feel this year, why not go ahead and download a Christmas letter PDF template?

A letter to Santa PDF template is great because you can download the template with a festive feel to it, I.E Christmas trees, candy canes, gifts, stars, snow-capped log cabins etc, and then go ahead and edit it with software such as SwifDoo PDF.

By opening your letter to Santa PDF template with SwifDoo PDF, you can copy and paste your favourite festive images and designs into the letter and customize specifically for you/your kids.

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Have Them Write Their Name and Address 

Another great tip for helping your kids to write a letter to Santa is to have them write down their name and address on the letter properly, just like they would a real letter.

This strategy is great because it helps your kids to practice their writing and spelling, plus it gives the letter more of an official look and it is good practice for when they grow older and have to write letters and post them themselves.

Have Santa Write a Letter Back 

As well as helping your kids write to Santa, you could go ahead and write a letter from Santa to your kids.

A letter from Santa template PDF is great because you can again customize it with SwifDoo PDF and address it to your kid/kids personally and include personalized info about them to give the letter a magical and mystical feel as it is supposed to be from Santa.

In your letter from Santa, include your child’s name and let them know that “Santa” received their letter and has indeed put them on the ‘good list’ this year so they will be getting plenty of presents on Xmas morning.

Download and edit a letter from Santa template PDF with SwifDoo PDF, give it a festive look and feel, print it, seal it in an envelope, and why not seal it with a wax seal to really give it a special look and feel?

Get Them to Ask for Presents in Terms of Importance

We know that gifts cost money, but young children don’t and the last thing we want is for them to be disappointed come Christmas morning by not getting the gift that they wanted the most.

When filling out their letter to Santa PDF template, get them to write a list starting from the top, of gifts they would like the most down to the least.

Basically, the first gift that they ask for at the top of the page is the one which they will want the most, so you can then head out there, or jump online, and do your best to prioritize that gift over the others.



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