Okay, so you’ve finally decided to stop dreaming and start doing and you’re finally ready to pull the trigger on your plan to launch your very own start up business like you’ve always wanted. There’s only one problem, though – the business plan.


Starting your own business is incredibly tough, and if you don’t have a sound and viable business plan in place, it can be even tougher. Writing a business plan takes a long time, it requires a lot of research, it requires a lot of know-how, and it requires access to the right tools and equipment.

You may not believe it, but something as simple as choosing the wrong PDF software can drastically hinder the progress that you make, which is why SwifDoo PDF is so beneficial.

From writing on PDF to researching your competition, here’s a look at several tips on writing a business plan for your start-up company.

Tailor Your Business towards Your Target Demographic

One of the most important things you can do when it comes to creating a business plan, is aiming your business at your target audience.

If for example, you’re creating a new business which sells golf apparel, obviously golf fans and players will be your target audience. When you create your business plan, be sure to include plenty of info in there looking at your target audience and at what your business is going to do to target them specifically.

Writing a business plan PDF which talks specifically at your target audience is very beneficial and will help you plan the business, impress investors and hopefully secure funding if need be.

Research Your Competition

Another important thing to do before writing a business plan PDF is to research your competitors as thoroughly as possible.

Again, if you’re going to be selling golfing equipment and clothing, find out which other companies already sell these items and find out as much about them as possible. Name them in your business plan, talk about what they sell, talk about their reach, and talk about what it is that will make your business better.

Always Backup Claims with Facts

When you’re writing on PDF to create a business plan, be sure to always back up any claims that you make with facts.

If you cannot back claims up on your plan with facts, potential lenders and investors will likely be put off by this as it doesn’t paint you or your prospective business in the most professional of lights.

Talk about facts, figures, and statistics, but be sure to include accurate info and facts when writing a business plan PDF.

Never Overinflate Your Projections

In the business world, confidence is very important, but when talking about projections and targets, do not confuse confidence with arrogance, or even with sheer delusion.

In a business plan, of course you want to talk about projected sales targets, expenses, gross profits, net profit, business valuation, and so on. That’s fine, but never overinflate your numbers as lenders and investors do not like that one bit.

If you genuinely believe you can capture 40% of your target market and you have stats, figures, and research to back up these claims, by all means include them on your business plan. However, don’t claim that you can target 90% of the market based on nothing but confidence and a “strong gut feeling”.

Make Use of SwifDoo PDF

Finally, when you’re writing on PDF and creating a business plan, be sure to use SwifDoo PDF software.

For writing a business plan PDF, SwifDoo PDF is ideal as you can easily edit your plan and make revisions in seconds, while giving it a strong and professional layout that lenders are sure to be impressed with.

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