A scientific experiment needs to display somewhere in a written form so that learners can grab the subject line and the purpose of the lab experiment precisely. Lab reports are necessary for a handful of important departments, including Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Science, Business and Management. Comparatively shorter than a research paper, a lab report demonstrates the methods, the findings, and the conclusion.

If you are looking for how to write a lab report, you are on the right page as we will brief you onhow to write a lab report without the lab report template. Also, this article will explain how to submit your report as a PDF with SwifDoo PDF software.


The picture below shows some data about international scholars in major fields. Millions of scholars engage in lab experiments in various fields every year globally.


Structure of a Lab Report

A lab report contains a standard structure to display your findings following an order. You can write the passage on a Google doc file or Microsoft Office Word at your convenience. The structure includes:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Remarks
  • Conclusion 

This is a standard structure for students up to high-school grade. You can follow the pattern without depending on the lab report template available online. For college and university lab reports, the structure includes References, Appendice columns to make it a more elaborate and detailed discussion.

Before you start writing your lab report, discuss it with your concerned teacher for the required structure for your grade.


Write a title of the experiment you will perform or express your study point through picky words. Your words can be a little bit tricky to attract readers.


In this part, you include the aim of your research, the methods you will apply, the materials you use during the experiment, the results, and the conclusion you have reached. The written form should be compact, to the point, and highlight the significant parts of your research study. 


The introduction part includes why you pick the topic to experiment with what are the previous findings in the relevant field. How your research will impact the previous results and open a new perspective should be included in the Introduction. If you are a high-school student, you can point out your seniors’ lab report results to strengthen your points. Don’t forget to add your contribution after the lab experiment and how does it help your juniors.


How many methods you use to conclude is the central part of the Method section during the experiment. Methods can be one, or two, or more than two. You need to write them aptly so that readers can understand the process you applied to bring to the conclusion. The section is essential, and you can make it worth reading by providing material, data, reference sources, and the various stages you have gone through during the process.


With statistical graphs, charts, and data, you can present the results of your experiment. Descriptively you should clarify the results of your investigation based on the theorem, materials, and methods you have selected.


In the remark section, you must include your personal view of the experiment. It's a significant section and your remark should align with your research objective.


The conclusion must be brief but mention your entire research process. It includes the whole process and concludes with the facts about your findings.

How to Submit Your Lab Report to Your Instructor?

Once you are done with the writing process, go with the editing. Be cruel in editing, and don’t hesitate to remove unwanted parts from the lab report. After removing the unwanted part, run the writing on Grammarly ( A Software checking grammar and spelling) to rectify your grammatical errors and incorrect spelling of complex words. The changes can make your lab report an error-free write-up.

If you write the report on a Microsoft Office Word file, convert the file into PDF format to make your lab report more secure. SwifDoo PDF Converter would assist you in converting your Word file into PDF. The easy-to-use PDF tool is perfect for scholars as they can be more focused on their research, and within a few clicks, can convert the Word file into PDF.

What SwifDoo PDF Offers You to Make Your Lab Report a Perfect Blend of Research and Analysis?

After analyzing the whole report, you can edit the description with SwifDoo PDF by:

  • Adding images and links of the references relevant to your research subject to strengthen your viewpoint
  • Deleting unwanted parts
  • Adding your personal view, footnotes in the Remark section of your report
  • Customizing the font size and background color of your PDF file and make it comfort reading
  • Finishing the editing work on quick notes to avoid unnecessary delay as the tool works with the fastest speed

You can edit a PDF without Adobe and make the report more valid findings to your instructor. The lightweight software safeguards your lab report by converting it into PDF with the fastest speed. You could submit the report without delay.

Your instructor can use SwifDoo PDF editor to go through your lab report and leave his/her remark and digital signature on your statement. The helpful software enhanced your lab report quality on which you devote your energy and time to make a perfect report that your instructor will applaud for your efforts.


A lab report claims your patience, minute observation, powerful analytical sense, and comprehending expression of your whole study. After going through the entire process, you might understand how to write a lab report and submit your confidential report in PDF format with SwifDoo PDF converter. The PDF converter software comes with the concept of digital submission of research work conveniently and securely so that your hard work makes you stand out in your class.



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