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Globle - Guess The Mystery Country Every Day!

By Charlotte | Follow twitter | Updated on April 17, 2024 | Deutsch Français

Taking a break from the work stress, we often log in to other browsers of our systems to play the word game Wordle for a smart, fun and interactive quick gaming. Rather it has become one of the most popular word games of 2024.


With the growing popularity of word games, developers came up with a spin-off version to lure the geography loving players as well with its redesigned version, the Globle game.

What Is Globle?

Globle is similar to Wordle, played on a daily basis with a slight change in its theme that now includes a giant globe, countries and some similar tone colors to highlight the game progress.

All you need to have to get started is a good geographical knowledge of the world and a lot of interest to try it out. Whether you are an adult or a kid, the game is sure to hook you to your screens until you guess the ‘Mystery Country’.

Globle: A Geographical Spin-Off of the Classic Word Game

After the global popularity of the most famous word game, Wordle, came its spin-off the Globle game. Keeping the theme of Wordle intact but redesigning it across the geographical dimensions gave the classic game a much loved makeover.

Globle is absolutely a free daily guessing geographical map quiz and can be played online through a web browser and an active internet connection across all the platforms.

The basic highlights of the Globle game includes:

  • Creator: The Abe Train
  • Genre: Mystery Country finder
  • Price: Free game
  • Available Platforms:


What Are the Globle Rules?

Globle allows the players to guess the ‘Mystery Country’ for the day based on a few hints from the system. It is a fun and interactive daily guessing geography based game that includes a globe to guess the Mystery Country for the day.

Game Modes in Globle

Currently, the Globle game gives one virtual challenge a day common to all the global players of guessing a ‘Mystery Country’ on the spinning globe.

But shortly there will be an upgrade to the same and the developers might soon launch the option of guessing the ‘Mystery City’ as a part of daily challenge as well making the game more interesting and intense.

Globle Game: Rules and Hints

The rules and hints of the Globle game are pretty simple. The guesses have a boundary of only 197 countries. Like of course, your Mystery Country for the day would be any one amongst these 197. But the trick is whether you are smart and thorough enough with the World map to decode the hints and embrace the winning steak.

At times either you are not aware of the geographical locations or fall short of your knowledge regarding the countries. Or even if the system provides you with the hints, what if you are not able to understand it properly.

These things not only make the game a bit tricky but also mysterious, tickling your mind’s fury. Here is how you can follow the rules and hints for your advantage and make your guesses hit the bull’s eye.

Following the Hints Rightly:

The hints to cracking your ‘Mystery Country’ for the day includes:

  • Unmeasured Guesses:

While a regular word game uses only 6 hints, to guess the Mystery Country for the day in the Globle game there is no upper limit set for making guesses. You can make as many guesses as you want to decode the Mystery Country.

  • Understand the Colors:

The farther you are from guessing the Mystery Country, the paler your guessed color will be while, the closer you are to decoding the Mystery Country, the darker and hotter the shade of your guessed country be, enabling you to think and move forward in a likewise direction.

The popular colors used in Globle are:

  • Beige: Farthest guess
  • Peach: Somewhat closer guess
  • Orange: Slightly closer guess
  • Red: Closest guess
  • Green: Mystery Country

How to Play Globle?

The quick steps to playing the Globle Game are:

  • Log In To Official Website:

Log in to the official website on any browser

  • Tap the Globe on the interface:

Hit the giant spinning globe to start playing the Globle game

  • Enter the Country name:

Randomly enter a Country name in the text box to start off the game blindly. The hints of the system will assist you with the desired color shade on the globe to track your progress.

  • Make accurate guesses:

Based on the system hints, make more smart guesses to decode the Mystery Country on the globe.

  • Pin down the Mystery Country:

After a few guesses, a rough impression of the direction and Country gets formed. Apply your geographical knowledge and skills to track down the Mystery Country. You can also take help from a physical globe or World maps.

Once you have guessed the Mystery Country correctly, the answer is revealed under the text box and gets highlighted in green shade on the globe.  

Globle Game: Statistics

The statistics and score for the current player playing the latest challenge includes:

  • Date of latest win
  • Number of guesses made in current game
  • Number of games won
  • Maximum steaks
  • Current steaks
  • Average guesses taken

Geography Quizzes with Printable World Maps

The geography printable not only enhances your memorization but also aids you in various activities.

Printable World Maps come in handy while playing the Globle game. You can take a print of the PDF maps to practice your knowledge of the globe. It assists you with the knowledge of continents and the oceans besides the countries. It enhances your game of World Geography in a knowledgeable manner.

The various websites that can assist you in downloading and printing the blank world maps include:

  • Geo guessr
  • Lizard point
  • Internet 4 classrooms
  • Super teacher worksheets
  • Work sheet kids
  • 123 home school 4 me
  • D maps
  • Nat geo maps

For an offline practice you can download the printable world maps. With the help of a PDF reader, say SwifDoo PDF software you can open and work upon it as and when necessary for a thorough practice even for the sake of self interest or an in- class activity.

view globle map in swifdoo pdf

The PDFs of popular World maps that you can download to enhance your map quiz game besides the regular Globle game includes:

  • Blank printable world map
  • Blank printable continents map
  • Labeled printable continents map
  • Printable continents map quiz
  • Key for printable continents map quiz

Final Words

Now all the geography freaks can ditch the classic board game to make space for Globle. Even you can play it along with your kids to engage them in a fun learning session.

Globle does not only enhances your geographical knowledge but also puts to practical use the theoretical knowledge of the subject by engaging you in daily fun quiz.

So gear up with your World maps and give it a try to test your knowledge on the 197 countries and their locations.

Charlotte has been in the software industry for 8+ years. She works for AWZWARE now as a passionate writer. She is good at providing simple guides to use various video, office and entertainment software. Charlotte also recommends many other useful tools to make your work and life easier. A food lover too.

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