Things We Hide from the Light is the second book of Lucy Score’s series. She starts writing this book immediately after Things We Never Got Over and focuses on Nash and Lina’s story. What’s new in Knockemout? How do Nash and Lina meet each other? Let's follow Lucy Score and explore the news in this small Virginia town.

About the Author: Lucy Score

Lucy Score is an instant #1 New York Times bestselling author and #1 Amazon Kindle Store bestseller, mainly writing romantic comedies and contemporary romance, often with humor and heartwarming stories. Lucy grew up in rural Pennsylvania, making her an imaginative person. When she was five, she started to show a passion for writing, and in second grade, Lucy began writing, from essays, articles, and blogs to books. After publishing Pretend You're Mine in 2018, Lucy has been a full-time writer ever since. Her books typically feature strong characters, engaging plots, and a mix of romance and personal growth.

About the Book: Things We Hide from the Light

Things We Hide from the Light is a newly published romance novel in February 2023. And it suddenly becomes popular in the world, arising readers' interest in a very short period. This book is the second one in the Knockemout series and it continues the story in Things We Never Got Over (Knockemout, #1). Knockemout is a fictional small town in Northern Virginia. Three books in this series focus on three different couples' stories. And Things We Hide from the Light is about Nash Morgan and Lina Solavita.

Nash Morgan is a chief of police, a good brother, and a charmer always with a smile. However, by accident, Nash suffered a gunshot, which changed his life a lot. He then lived with panic and nightmares. Fortunately, things are getting easier when Lina moved to Knockemout and became a neighbor to Nash. Lina, thirty-seven, is an independent and strong who doesn't spend much time in any relationship. She works for Pritzger Insurance, with dark secrets buried in her mind.

Lina starts to change in Knockemout, what surprised her is she begins to make friends and adopt a friend group. Meanwhile, something new and profound happened between Nash and Lina. They meet each other a lot, battle their feelings for one another, and experience some emotional journeys. Nevertheless, as they grew closer, danger began to approach and try to separate them.

The plot of Things We Hide from the Light is fairly simple, making it easy to follow. However, Lucy Score has wonderfully described and defined these characters. And she perfectly captured all main characters’ complexity and emotion, as well as all difficult situations.

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Q:Is Things We Hide from the Light a sequel?

Things We Hide from the Light is the second book in the Knockemout Series. And there are three books in total in the series:

  1. Things We Never Got Over (2022)
  2. Things We Hide from the Light (2023)
  3. Things We Left Behind (2023)

Q:Is Knox and Naomi in Things We Hide from the Light?

Things We Hide from the Light focuses more on Nash and Lina, mainly telling stories between them. However, it is Knox and Naomi who start this novel. And Nash is the younger brother of Knox and Lina is a friend of Knox.

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