The most significant Red, White & Royal Blue quote, "Straight people, he thinks, probably don't spend this much time convincing themselves that they're straight." says it all about the context of the book. This multiple award-winning romantic comedy Red, White & Royal Blue book will make you feel all the subtle and sensational emotions of love, pain, fear of losing someone, irreparable passion, and so on.

So, before getting drowned in this queer novel, let's get a quick review and highlights of What Red, White & Royal Blue is about with the smart PDF reading and customization option.

About the Book: Author, Publication, and More

Author: The New York Times best-selling author, American Casey McQuiston writes Red, White & Royal Blue. She is known for her romantic comedy books, where smart people often fall in love with their bad manners.

Genre: LGBT, Romance, Comedy, Fiction, Young Adult

Publication: 14th May 2019 by St Martin's Griffin

Pages: 421

Sequel: the sequel to Red, White & Royal Blue has not been announced yet

Settings: USA (Washington DC), England (London)

Characters: Alex Gabriel Claremont-Diaz & Henry George Edward James Fox-Mountchristen-Windsor are the two leading characters in the book. There are also some prominent supportive characters, such as Nora Holleran, June (Bug) Claremont-Diaz, and others.

Awards & Achievements

Bisexual Book Awards for Romance

ALA Alex Award (2020)

Goodreads Choice Award for Romance and Debut Novel (2019)

A film adaptation was released on 11th August 2023

Red, White & Royal Blue Summary

The story of Red, White & Royal Blue begins with two handsome hunks named Alex, son of the USA president, and Henry, prince of Britain. These two hot and royal blood come across each other at a wedding and are involved in a fight that ruins the wedding cake. When images become public and viral, they start pretending to be good friends to maintain their family prestige. 

Eventually, they fall for each other and enter a romantic relationship after Henry kisses Alex at an event. However, things have become tough for both of them as Henry's family would never accept their relationship. Even though they tried to keep their relationship secret from the eyes of the world, it gets exposed. So, to know what is next and what happened to them, you must read the PDF version of the book for your smart and flexible reading.

The Book Review

Despite being a same-sex romantic love story, you wouldn't feel anything unrealistic or unconventional while reading the book Red, White & Royal Blue. The struggle to accept a gay relationship of the royal couple is the same as it seems in reality. The most realistic quote, "Someone else's choice doesn't change who you are." makes this book highly relatable to the entire LGBT community. 

It also breaks the myth of the stereotypical notion that the rich are privileged in society. On the contrary, being rich and royal, Alex & Henry both have faced society's nasty speculation and skepticism. It also highlights the aspect of accepting your own reality irrespective of social biases and families' disapproval. So, it's worth reading the book to realize the rollercoaster ride of romance.

How to Download and Read Red, White & Royal Blue

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If you read romantic novels irrespective of their gender orientation, reading Red, White & Royal Blue will be a phenomenal experience for you. While nurturing emotions and vulnerabilities of human instincts, the story will make you feel fresh, alive, and exciting. So, try the PDF version of the book with the support of a SwifDoo PDF reader for your remarkable offline digital reading.


Where can I get Red, White and royal Blue in EPUB Format?

You can get the EPUB ebook format of the book on the internet for your online reading. Alternatively, you can download the most common and available PDF version of the book and convert it to the EPUB format using SwifDoo software on your mobile or system device.

What is The Appropriate Age to Read the Red, White & Royal Blue?

This book is suitable for reading from 18 years onwards as it involves sexual content, mature themes, abusive language, etc.

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