The contemporary young-adult fantasy Long Live the Pumpkin Queen by Shea Ernshaw will be a treat to read if you want something thoughtful and dynamic in your reading. This mostly talked about book is a sequel to the 1993 animated movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. This book is about the balance between the dream and the purpose of your life.

It's the journey of a dissatisfied queen who aspires to be perfect. Still, eventually, she falls into a situation that makes her realize the real responsibility and purpose of being queen. Despite being a fictional and paranormal story, this book will also give you the real feeling of horror in Halloween. Let's get a brief review of the book with its customizable PDF reading option.

The Author of Long Live the Pumpkin Queen

Long Live the Pumpkin Queen Book Cover

The Oregon Book Award winner Shea Ernshaw is among the best-selling authors of the New York Times, Indie, and USA Today. She is known for her Young-adult genre writing. Along with her adult fiction novel A History Of Wild Places, most of her books get selected for "Indie Next Pick," and it is also selected for Book-of-the-Month.

Apart from the Long Live the Pumpkin Queen, her other renowned creations are The Wicked Deep, WinterWood, A Wilderness Of Stars, etc. She likes to write at late night and she also loves horror stories, dark woods, and moonlight on lakes. Her books are published in more than twenty countries.

Long Live the Pumpkin Queen Book Summary

Long Live the Pumpkin Queen Summary

Long Live the Pumpkin Queen tells the story of a ragdoll named Sally who is a Halloween Queen. Despite being a queen she finds herself imperfect for her cloth-stitched physical appearance and queen-like efficiency.

Therefore, she always aspires to be a perfect queen and wants to take advice from the queen of Valentine Town when Sally and her beloved husband Jack have gone there for their honeymoon. During Halloween preparation, Sally was taken away by the witch sisters and the Vampire Prince.

Therefore, while escaping from them, she eventually entered a holiday groove with a ghost dog, Zero. After that, Sally falls into a chain of situations and events where she comes across an old man named Sandman who has made everybody, including Jack, sleep, covered them with sand, and stole their dream in all holiday towns.

When she realized that she was responsible for this horrifying situation of Halloween Town she kept the door open to the town. Now, during her journey to stop Sandman and save the human world from being asleep as a seamless death, she makes Sandman sleep by poisoning him.

However, Sandman also happens to be a victim of a sleepless and seamless life that leads him to steal others' dreams. So, to know how Sally, being a real responsible queen, does justice to the Halloween town residence and the Sandman, you must enjoy the book on your smart device with an online or offline PDF version of the book.

Read/Listen to Long Live the Pumpkin Queen PDF Ebook

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