The most intriguing quote, "I spent a lot of time alone, but I was rarely lonely because I like my own brain." conveys the complexity and creativity of the context and content of the book. Despite being a passionate yet unconventional love story of two women, award-winning author Jen Beagin's Big Swiss is a book on the substance of various layers of human brains and behavior, which are the results of situations, circumstances, incidents, or accidents of one's life. So, let's see a quick and comprehensive review of Big Swiss with online and offline PDF reading options.

Introduction to the Author: Jen Beagin

Being an unconventional and unpredictable story writer, Jen Beaign had a very unusual life situation as she did college in her mid-30s and got an MFA in writing from the University of California, Irvine. She started her career as a house cleaner and gradually became an award-winning writer. She owns three prestigious awards including the Whiting Award, Center for Fiction, and Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize.

Despite being a romantic and funny fictional novel writer, she has a great grip on tackling serious content, including social issues, psychological or mental health, identity crises, sexuality, etc. Her personal experience as a house cleaner was reflected in her writing through the protagonist character of her first two books.

Summary of Big Swiss

Big Swiss Book Cover

The 2023 published book Big Swiss is a story of a 45-year-old Greta who was diagnosed with emotional detachment disorder when she was taking therapy sessions after a robbery incident. However, she refused to continue the treatment, left her current boyfriend, and took a new job as a transcriptionist of sexual therapy sessions in a therapy clinic in New York. Here, she gets involved in a romantic sexual relationship with one of her clinic's clients, known as Big Swiss, whose real name is Flavia.

Great hides her real identity as a transcriptionist to Big Swiss as Greta signed a privacy agreement with the therapy clinic owner. Flavia is a gynecologist and married woman who is planning for a baby with her husband but still maintains a secret sexual and romantic relationship with Greta. After knowing Greta's reality, Flavia broke up with her and focused on her husband once he got brutally wounded by one of Flavia's past rapists.

Greta was fired by her boss, who gave therapy to her to treat her disorder. Here, she revealed her childhood trauma of her mother's bipolar disorder and suicidal death and her belief that she was responsible for her mother's death. Now, to know how she got healed and survived her own suicidal attempt, you must go through this fascinating fiction Big Swiss PDF in your quality reading.

Key Takeaways from Bis Swiss

While reading this fictional novel, you will come across various serious social, emotional, and existential issues of human life. While drawing readers' attention to intense romantic lesbian relationships, it involves infidelity, deception, emotional disorder, sexual desire over emotional attachment, suicidal mentality, and many other things.

It enables you to learn that no matter what you do to hide or run away from your inner trauma, conflict, or crisis, you can't get away with it. Instead, you will suffer in every part of your life. You must confront your inner vulnerability with professional help to completely heal from within. Big Swiss make you accept the limitations of life where the pain is inevitable, but misery is optional.

It also makes you think of your relationship with your loved ones by telling you that lies and deception never build or strengthen the foundation of any relationship. It always ends miserably. So, this incredible novel gives some practical tips and lessons in life, and here we go:

  • Give priority to your mental health over anything else
  • Take professional help without hesitation
  • Infidelity makes your insecurity worse than worth
  • Sexuality is a part but not the heart of a love relationship
  • Work on your trauma to overcome your suffering
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