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How to Proofread PDFs with AI [4 Ways to Check PDF Grammar & Spell]

By Lydia | Follow twitter | Updated on July 2, 2024
Manual PDF proofreading is challenging and not 100% accurate. It is thus advised to opt for an automated tool to proofread PDFs with AI accurately.

Tons of grammar checkers and proofing tools like SwifDoo PDF have enhanced functionalities to craft excellent and reliable proofreading results. Do you wish to detect basic errors and provide contextual suggestions without wasting your time and energy? Try the following tips.

1. How to Proofread a PDF Document in SwifDoo AI

Proofreading is essential to improve a PDF document. SwifDoo AI is one such tool that offers a standalone proofreading feature. Developed by Swifdoo PDF, it is a valuable PDF management tool offering AI integration to proofread PDFs. SwifDoo AI provides a powerful proofreading tool to handle PDFs smartly and effortlessly.

With SwifDoo AI, you can ask AI any question related to your PDF documents, and the software will return relevant results in minutes. The robust technology can do grammar checks to detect grammar errors in PDF documents. It also reviews the complete document to suggest relevant changes for formatting issues and syntax errors for clarity and improvement of the article.

Step 1: Launch the SwifDoo PDF;

Step 2: Open your PDF in the application and go to SwifDoo AI;

Step 3: Click Prompt and choose Proofread;
In SwifDoo PDF

Step 4: Copy and paste the text to the chatbox. Hit the send button to spell-check your PDF.

2. Proofread Your PDF with AI in Proofed

Proofed is an advanced AI PDF editor that effortlessly proofreads PDF documents. The online tool detects and corrects errors effortlessly, negating the need for heavy software downloads. Users can upload a PDF document online to proofread.

The innovative online proofreading tool provides suggestions with complete control over the review process and the final draft. This feature provides flexibility to choose the changes to be applied to a document.

Check the detailed process below to learn how to proofread a document in Proofed:

Step 1: Find and open Proofed on a browser;

Step 2: Use the Upload option or drag and drop the PDF file to import it to the workspace;
In Proofed

Step 3: Then Select proofreading and enter the necessary details and editing instructions;

Step 4: Last, complete the payment process. Wait for the proofreader online to complete the proofreading process and then download the final PDF.

3. Perform PDF Proofreading in Quillbot

Quillbot is a great alternative to ChatGPT to proofread PDFs. It saves you energy and time from repeatedly reviewing your document. The efficient proofreading tool offers excellent features to spell-check a PDF. It is also a perfect tool for detecting and correcting grammar and punctuation.

Quillbot is the best assistant for refined and more accurate results. The tool highlights the error with a red color and automatically corrects all the issues in seconds. The AI-powered tool is a free tool for writers and publishers that lets you craft your thoughts without worrying about errors and mistakes.

See how to proofread a PDF with AI technology in the proofreader online:

Step 1: Search and open Quillbot;

Step 2: Copy-paste the text from the PDF document or upload the document you wish to proofread;
In Quillbot

Step 3: Wait for the Quillbot to detect all the errors;

Step 4: Manually check all the errors to draft the final document or click Fix All Errors to correct all the errors within seconds automatically;

Step 5: Copy back the text or download the final document.

4. Grammar Check Your PDF in Online Spell Check

Online Spell Check is powerful for accurate grammar and spell checking. The efficient tool follows three-way advanced checking methods and supports more than 20 languages.

Use Online Spell Check to get suggestions for misspelled words and easy grammatical error detection. The advanced grammar checker offers perfect correction suggestions depending upon the grammatical rule for reliable text correction. The Online Spell Check is a valuable tool that provides customization choices for fixing errors with maximum accuracy and enhanced checks.

Here is the guide on how to proofread a document in the PDF format:

Step 1: Find and open Online Spell Check in your browser;
In Online Spell Check

Step 2: Upload a PDF document you wish to proofread. Copy-paste the text or use a URL or domain. Users may also use Google Drive or Dropbox links to proofread;

Step 3: Now choose the language of the text;

Step 4: Click check text to start the process;

Step 5: Once the proofreading process is completed, you may print or download the text or PDF to access it further.

Final Words

Artificial intelligence has changed the way proofreaders perform. Proofreading requires utmost accuracy, and AI helps proofread PDF files more conveniently and accurately. There are tons of powerful AI proofreading tools that let you return outstanding review results. Some of the best proofreading tools are mentioned in the article. Choose the best PDF proofreading tool that helps retrieve the best proofreading suggestions and results.

Choose Swifdoo AI proofreading software to retrieve the best spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting results. The efficient software helps you with varied proofreading tasks, including spell-checking PDFs, detecting easy grammar errors, suggesting text, correcting formatting, etc.


Q:Can ChatGPT Proofread the PDF?

Yes, ChatGPT is a proofread PDF tool that offers a smart AI integration that lets you proofread text quickly. The intelligent tool offers a satisfactory improvement to existing text with enhanced spell check and auto-correct features. Open ChatGPT, enter proofread, copy the text, and let ChatGPT detect errors in the document.

Q:Can Grammarly Proofread a PDF?

Grammarly is an advanced tool often used to detect grammar issues in a PDF document or text. The efficient tool proofreads the text to suggest relevant grammar errors and correction suggestions. Users may proofread a document using Grammarly by selecting its free online grammar check tool and then pasting the text for proofreading. The tool will return relevant results in seconds.

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