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7 Top Japanese Image Translators: Translate Images Effortlessly

By Lydia | Follow twitter | Updated on March 18, 2024
Understanding the meaning of Japanese manga or books can be challenging. A useful Japanese image translator can help you save time and energy without sacrificing your reading experience. However, which one is the best option for you?

In this post, we prepare a list of seven image translators for Japanese books, manga, novels, etc. You can select the one tailored to your needs. Gear up to have a comprehensive overview of these tools!

SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF is an advanced PDF translator powered by artificial intelligence. It aims to break down the language barriers hassle-free when viewing PDFs in all forms. Don’t get confused! Although the program is tailored for translating PDF documents, its powerful PDF converter automatically converts any image file to PDF once the file is opened. This not only removes the need to perform image-to-PDF conversion but also facilitates the process of OCRing and translating Japanese text from images.

Japanese image translator - SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF’s OCR software detects Japanese Kanji, Katagana, and Hiragana accurately. The program allows you to translate PDFs from Japanese to English and other languages in multiple ways. You can compare the original text with the translation or convert the whole file to the target language at once.

  • Batch OCR multiple pages or a whole file in one go;
  • Convert images to text from Japanese to any language with high accuracy; 
  • Easy to make edits on desired text for annotating;
  • Compress, split, and merge PDFs without a hassle.


  • Only available on Windows

Best for:

Readers who like reading Japanese manga, books, and magazines that require OCR and translate multiple pages.

PDNob Image Translator

Japanese image translator - PDNob Image Translator

PDFNob Image Translator operates as a professional Japanese image translator. It leverages the power of AI translation to OCR Japanese images or screenshots and translate the text into your desired language. The desktop application offers a bulk upload feature that enables users to effortlessly understand dozens of Japanese images within seconds. It’s an excellent tool for individuals seeking to translate pictures quickly.

  • Translate Japanese text to English for images accurately;
  • Multiple target languages are available to understand the Japanese text;
  • Translate the images while preserving the layout.


  • Process 5 free tasks per day;
  • High-quality images are required for accurate translation.

Best for:

PDFNob Image Translator is best for users who want to read Japanese from a web page.

Google Translate

Japanese image translator - Google Translate

Google Translate owns a Japanese OCR technology that allows for extracting Japanese text from images and carrying out translation simultaneously. The image translator for Japanese can recognize Japanese characters written vertically or horizontally and translate the words while keeping the background unchanged. This functionality is particularly beneficial for budget-minded manga lovers to enjoy the plots with an immersive experience.

  • Translate Japanese to English for images without charge and no sign-up required;
  • Customize the page range for accurate OCRing;
  • Recognize both horizontal and vertical text from indicated images.


  • The translation accuracy needs enhancing sometimes;
  • It translates images one by one.

Best for:

Google Docs is tailored for reading short manga to experience integral components of the storytelling.


Japanese image translator - Yandex

Yandex is an online tool designed to translate documents and images. Its primary goal is to help language learners contrast the structure and grammar of sentences in different languages. By comparing the text in the original and target languages, Yandex enables users to better comprehend the source language. The site automatically applies OCR when translating Japanese to English for uploaded images, streamlining the translation process.

  • Convert image to text for Japanese images and screenshots for free;
  • Translate multiple pages in a batch to save time.


  • Limited file size with no more than 5 MB;
  • Cannot translate vertical Japanese Kanji on an image.

Best for:

Yandex is best for students or individuals who are serious language learners.

Image to Text

Japanese image translator - Image to Text

Image to Text is an AI-driven Japanese image translator that converts images to text from Japanese to any other language. It is a valuable tool for bridging the language gap when traveling. This web-based platform offers free services without registration, enabling you to access the site across any device immediately. It can extract text from the translated picture in one click to copy and paste the text onto other files.

  • Upload Japanese files via the cloud;
  • Translate Japanese characters from images without charge.
  • Cannot translate Japanese text from images;
  • Unable to OCR Japanese images in a batch.

Best for:

This image translator for Japanese is best for tourists who want to understand text printed on a menu or road sign.

Kaku Japanese Dictionary

Japanese image translator - Kaku Japanese Dictionary

Kaku Japanese Dictionary is a comprehensive app to learn Japanese. The application excels at OCRing Japanese screenshots, pictures, and manga. It translates Kanji from images precisely regardless of the text arrangement. If the Japanese character is wrongly detected, the app allows you to correct the word by handwriting.

Furthermore, Kaku Japanese Dictionary is an exceptional resource for individuals striving to enhance their Japanese. Whether you are reading Japanese manga from an app or viewing news on a website, it provides direct translation services to help you swiftly understand the meaning.

  • Extract Japanese text from images, apps, web pages, and mobile games;
  • Instant translation word by word with detailed explanation;
  • Read Japanese manga as fluently as in your native language.


  • The user interface is not friendly to beginners;
  • The OCR software cannot recognize all Japanese characters on manga.

Best for:

The app is recommended to students, professionals, and translators looking for a dictionary app with a wide collection of words.


Japanese image translator - Yomiwa

Yomiwa is another mobile Japanese image translator that converts images to text for Japanese manga, books, and pictures. You can take a photo of the book you are reading for instant translation. It displays the pronunciation and meaning of each character. When reading long physical manga or books, the real-time translation feature can directly translate Kanji in images without taking pictures.

  • Quick to recognize and translate Japanese text from images taken by your camera;
  • Analyze every input word to analyze text for advanced learning.


  • The user interface has learning curves for beginners;
  • Translation might be confusing when detecting too many words.

Best for:

Manga lovers can use the image translator for Japanese to enjoy the storyline immersively.


Many tools are advancing in translating Japanese characters from images. In this situation, choosing the optimal one catering to your needs causes a headache. Hence, we make a list to compare the handpicked image translators to simplify your decision process:


Price Free Option Ratings
SwifDoo PDF $79/Year ✅ (Free trial) 4.8
PDNob Image Translator $39.5/Year /
Google Translate Free 4.5
Yandex Free 4.6
Image to Text
$47.88/Year /
Kaku Japanese Dictionary Free 4.6
Yomiwa $29.99/Yomiwa Pro 4.7

Bottom Line

After reading this article, choosing the ideal Japanese image translator is a piece of cake. Whether you are a manga enthusiast, a language learner, or a tourist, explore our handpicked list to unlock efficient and accurate translation solutions for your Japanese image-to-text needs.

Lydia is an English columnist for AWZware. She is familiar with different technology products such as office software, location changers, and video software applications. Focused on tech blog writing, she is willing to solve your problems with up-to-date information.

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