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30 Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Ex Husband

By Lydia | Follow twitter | Updated on June 21, 2024
For those who welcome the concept of new beginnings and are ready to wish their ex-husband well on their journey forward, conveying heartfelt birthday wishes for your ex-husband is a worthwhile gesture. Whether navigating present connections or celebrating the past, warm birthday messages and wishes resonate with individuals who admire different relationship worldviews.

However, if you are wondering how to say happy birthday to an ex, try these thirty heartfelt birthday wishes for your ex-husband to capture the essence of positive beginnings. Here's to the unique bond shared with an ex-husband and the purposeful moments that continue to shape the journey forward.

10 Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Divorced Husband

For those who've changed from spouses to friends, conveying heart-touching birthday messages is a great way to celebrate your bond. Here are ten heart-touching birthday wishes for ex-husbands that honor the unique connection shared with an ex-husband.

  1. I know we are not together and won't ever be, but I could not help wishing you a happy birthday.
  2. I was walking the streets when I saw you here today. It was you, and I could not help but remember you as soon as I saw that dustbin full of garbage. Happy birthday to you.
  3. Although we wished to grow old together and make our promises by staying together, we could not since time has set us apart. Happy birthday.
  4. We might have been quick and immature while divorcing, but we certainly can be mature enough to support each other. Happy birthday.
  5. You were strong sunshine, and I was a little plant. I needed you to grow and live, but you left me dead and dry. Happy birthday to my ex-husband.
  6. I wish you a happy birthday for all our good days.
  7. Even though we're not together anymore, I wanted to wish you a happy birthday and let you know that I'm thinking of you today. Stay happy and blessed.
  8. I know things haven't always been easy, but I want to put all that behind us now and wish you nothing but happiness on your special day. I was wishing my ex-husband a happy 40th birthday!
  9. Life is a vicious circle; you were my friend, then my boyfriend, and then my husband, but life has made us start from being friends again. Happy birthday, ex-husband!
  10. I might have lost my husband after the divorce, but I found a new friend in you. Here's wishing my new friend a happy birthday.

Happy birthday to my ex-husband

Download the Birthday Card for Your Ex-Husband >>

You can use the SwifDoo PDF creator to write happy birthday wishes and messages to your ex-husband using its readily available PDF birthday card template.

10 Funny Birthday Messages for Ex-Husband

For those who admire the humor in past relationships, these ten handpicked birthday wishes for your ex-husband will add a playful touch to the jubilation of an ex-husband's special day.

  1. Middle age is when you still believe you'll feel better in the morning.
  2. Finally, you reached a point where you stopped lying about your age and started bragging about it.
  3. The secret of staying young is to live morally, eat slowly, and lie about your age. Happy birthday my ex-husband!
  4. The older you get, the better and finer you get, unless you are a banana.
  5. I'm at an age when my back goes out more than I do. Sending hearty giggles on your birthday!
  6. I was raised to always respect my elders, so I don't have to respect anybody.
  7. The old believe everything; the middle-aged suspect everything; the young know everything.
  8. As you age, three things occur. The first is that your memory goes, and I can't remember the other two.
  9. Wisdom doesn't come with age. Sometimes, age shows up all by itself.
  10. You're only young once but can remain immature forever.

Birthday wishes for ex-husband

Get the Birthday Wishes Card for Your Ex-Husband>>

You can design and create a unique birthday wish card to wish your ex-husband a happy birthday. You can print out your card in SwifDoo PDF and send it physically to your ex-husband.

If you are looking for heart-touching birthday wishes for your ex-boyfriend, this article can help you find the best ones.

35 Heart-Touching Birthday Wishes for Ex-Boyfriend in 2024

35 Heart-Touching Birthday Wishes for Ex-Boyfriend in 2024

This article listed 35 birthday wishes for ex-boyfriends to help make your ex-boyfriend's birthday more special than ever. Take them to celebrate his big day!


10 Birthday Card Wishes for Ex-Husband

For those who admire the long-lasting qualities of their ex-spouse, sending heartfelt birthday wishes for your ex-husband that acknowledge their enduring impact is a considerate gesture. Here are ten birthday wishes that resonate with classic ex-husband enthusiasts:

  1. My friends convinced me not to wish you a happy birthday, but here I am with all my heart, wishing you a better future and life.
  2. I wish this were some nightmare, and I hope I wake up and sleep next to you to wish you a happy birthday.
  3. It's been months since we separated, and guilt runs through my mind every day. We could have made it work. Happy birthday.
  4. Our lives are like books: different chapters, different stories. You were my first chapter, but you were not my last. Happy birthday to my ex-husband!
  5. The journey about us is so incomplete that it hurts to think about it. I hope you are happy with the decision you took. Happy birthday, my ex!
  6. Life is being a teacher to me, teaching me how to stay alone and see the one I love to move on. It was hard, but I got to pass. Happy birthday.
  7. All I ever asked was loyalty and togetherness. You gave me nothing but pain. I hope you don't provide such a gift to others. Happy birthday, my ex-husband!
  8. Your pride, ego, and selfishness have caused me to leave your life. And you will never clean up this mess. I still wish you a good and Happy birthday, my ex-husband.
  9. My heart can be so disappointed. You hurt me, and I only want to think about your happiness— Happy birthday to my ex.
  10. I still remember the first birthday we shared. Now, we barely talk to each other. I still hope that one day, we will get to do it all over again. Happy Birthday!

How to say happy birthday to an ex-husban

Get the Ready-made Ex-Husband Birthday Wishes Card >>

You can make a personalized birthday greeting card to wish a happy birthday to your ex-husband. Use SwifDoo PDF to edit the PDF wish card and write your favorite birthday wishes for your ex-husband.

Write Birthday Wishes in a PDF Card for Your Ex-Husband

Ex-husband admirers are a unique group who know the complications of past relationships. If you have an ex-husband celebrating his special day, you might wonder how to say happy birthday to an ex. Why not create a personalized birthday wish card PDF that captures the essence of admiration for your former spouse this time? You can utilize the best PDF editor software, SwifDoo PDF, to write your favorite birthday wishes to wish a happy birthday to your ex-husband in a unique way.

Let's understand how to create a unique birthday wish card for an ex-husband using SwifDoo PDF.

Step 1: Open the SwifDoo PDF program on your computer. Then, find and download the birthday wishes card template included with the SwifDoo PDF.

Step 2: Click the Edit option button and find the Insert Text section.

Step 3: Choose your favorite birthday wishes to wish a happy birthday ex-husband, and add them to the text bar in the PDF.

Step 4: Click the Image option button to add an image of your PDF birthday wish card. Instead, find the Annotate option button and choose your favorite stickers to add charm to the card.

Edit birhtday PDF card in SwifDoo PDF

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