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50 Best Birthday Wishes for a Friend Female | 2024 Selection

By Monica | Follow twitter | Updated on March 15, 2024
Birthday wishes for a friend female can help you show your love and admiration for her. Whether your female friend is your best friend, close friend, or sister, continue reading this article to find the perfect birthday wish to make her feel loved on her special day. Let us explore a collection of 50 best birthday wishes for female friends together.

Design Birthday Wish Cards for Female Friends

When wishing a happy birthday to your female friend, you can design personalized birthday cards PDF using the best PDF creator and editor: SwifDoo PDF. You can also quickly use the free PDF card templates provided with SwifDoo PDF to write down your heartfelt messages and quotes and send them to your friend.

Let's find out how the SwifDoo PDF can help you write birthday wishes for a female friend down, edit it to add and change text contents, convert your PDF card to an image, and print the card. Here are the steps:

Step 1: First, you should download the SwifDoo PDF editor and then open the provided PDF card template in the program.

Step 2: Tap the Edit menu at the top and tap Edit All.

Edit Text in Birthday Card Template

Step 3: Now select any of your preferred birthday wish quotes from the given list and enter or paste them into the given text field in the PDF.

Step 4: Select Image below the Edit menu to enter an image.

Step 5: Once your New Greeting card is complete, return to the SwifDoo homepage and click Print to send the card physically. Otherwise, you can hit Convert and click PDF to Image to change your birthday card into a beautiful image.

10 Thoughtful Birthday Wishes for a Female Friend

Happy Birthday Wishes for Female Friends

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  1. May you have a year filled with love, joy, and blessings. Happy Birthday!
  2. Happy Birthday to a beautiful friend who motivates me to be a better person every day.
  3. I wish your Birthday to be as impressive as you are, my pretty friend! Happy Birthday!
  4. Happy Birthday to someone who has educated me on the true meaning of strength, flexibility, and elegance.
  5. Happy Birthday, my lovely friend! You supported me over the years.
  6. Here's to commemorate another year of friendship, remembrances, and the bond that we share. Happy Birthday, my lovely friend.
  7. I wish your Birthday to be filled with everything that brings you happiness and makes you feel cherished. Happy Birthday!
  8. I am so thankful to have you in my life, and I hope your Birthday is as incredible as you are. Happy Birthday!
  9. Happy Birthday to a true gem of a person who emits kindness, concern, and positivity wherever she goes.
  10. I Wish you all the joy, success, and happiness that you deserve on your Birthday and always. Happy Birthday!

20 Best Happy Birthday Wishes for a Friend Female

Birthday Wish Card for Female Friends

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  1. As a devoted sister, be happy and enjoy all of life's delights! Happy Birthday!
  2. May you have a very happy birthday and the gift of your dreams, pretty girl.
  3. Every day is fabulous with you, but today is extra special because it is your Birthday.
  4. I am glad to communicate with such an exciting girl who is a pleasure to be around. Happy Birthday, dear!
  5. You have everything you need to be fulfilled and will surely achieve your goals. Happy Birthday, beautiful woman!
  6. Amid our friends, you are the most gorgeous woman I know. Happy Birthday, dear!
  7. Hello there, pretty lady! I wish you a wonderful birthday!
  8. I hope all the joy and success will be your steady companions on your life's journey! Happy Birthday, my dear!
  9. Happy Birthday to an extraordinary girl who brings so much color into my life!
  10. Beautiful Girl, congratulations on your special day! Carry on to be awesome!
  11. Happy Birthday to a fantastic friend and a remarkable young lady! Have a great day!
  12. Happy Birthday, my friend and fantastic woman. May I be like you: strong, bright, and always full of sound and very enthusiastic ideas.
  13. Have a distinctive and fantastic day today, sweetie. Happy Birthday!
  14. I'm so grateful to have such an incredible lady as a friend. Happy Birthday, my dear!
  15. Happy Birthday to the most gorgeous and hilarious girl I know.
  16. You are a good-hearted, caring, and beautiful girl. Have the best birthday celebration possible. Congratulations!
  17. Happy Birthday my beautiful friend! It's time for you to blossom and jubilate life.
  18. My magnificent friend, your birthday is special to both of us. Congratulations!
  19. You are the most genuine and distinctive person in my life. May you have a wonderful birthday!
  20. My best wishes for your Birthday, girl! May you have a fantastic birthday.

10 Touching Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Female

Happy Birthday Card

Send Your Wishes with This Birthday Card >>

  1. You are not only my best friend but also my soul sister. Happy Birthday, my dear!
  2. Happy Birthday to my decent, compassionate, and beautiful friend!
  3. Today is your day to shine, pretty girl! Happy Birthday, my dear friend!
  4. You are my life support system, my dear girlfriend! Happy Birthday!
  5. Happy Birthday to such a special and incredible lady friend!
  6. Your beautiful heart and benevolent spirit are truly admirable, sweetheart! Happy Birthday, friend!
  7. To the woman who has encouraged me in so many ways. Happy Birthday, friend!
  8. Today is the day to jubilate the wonderful girl that you are. Happy Birthday, my dear friend.
  9. To the incredible woman who has always been my rock support. Happy Birthday, my friend.
  10. You are my lady luck, and I am so grateful to have you as my friend. Happy Birthday!

10 Short Funny Birthday Wish for Female Friends

Birthday Card Template

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  1. As they say, age is quite a state of mind. So, let's keep that in mind while we gratify with some cake and ice cream!
  2. Happy Birthday! I pondered about getting you a funny card, but then I discovered you are the funniest girl I know!
  3. You're aging like a superwoman – the older you turn, the stronger you become! Happy Birthday, friend!
  4. Happy Birthday, girl! Don't worry about turning older; you're like a fine wine – getting more expensive every year, friend!
  5. Congratulations, dear! You've attained an age where your back goes out more often than you do!
  6. Happy Birthday to the beautiful girl who's not scared to welcome her inner child, even if it sometimes gets us into problems!
  7. You're not turning older; you're just becoming a classic woman! Happy Birthday!
  8. Here's to you on your Birthday! I hope your wrinkles will be as few as the candles on your cake!
  9. Happy Birthday to my incredible girlfriend! You're not turning older; you're leveling up!
  10. Happy Birthday, my wonderful girlfriend! If you were any cooler, you would freeze the candles on your cake!

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