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55 Bible Verses for Birthday Wishes [With Free Template Card]

By Lydia | Follow twitter | Updated on January 23, 2024
Birthdays are a joyous and special occasion for everyone that brings joy and cheers for an added year, but when you fall short of words, Bible verses for birthday wishes come in handy to cheer up your loved ones and draw your eyes upward to the Lord who blessed your life.

This article will help you send the best compiled 55 birthday verses from the Bible on someone's special day. You can also make a card using the SwifDoo PDF to wish them a perspective and hope for their future year ahead. Send love from the Lord who's made them unique in all respects, and assurance in knowing He's been there since they were born and will be there always.

15 Bible Verses for Birthday Wishes to Son

Wish from these 15 Bible verses for birthday wishes to bless your son.

  1. I pray to the Lord that He blesses you with very good health, wisdom, and joy in life. You're my sunshine. Happy Birthday, Son.
  2. Happy Birthday, Son! God will bestow upon you great things. Dream big, and may the blessings fill you.
  3. May the sweet peace that God always gives you keep you serene all through the year. Congratulations on your Birthday, Son.
  4. On my son's Birthday, I pray to God to protect him, guide him, and give him good health and many blessings. Amen.
  5. You are fortunate, my son. God fills you with his beautiful blessings when you walk on his path of life and truth. Happy Birthday!
  6. May the Lord watch over you on your Birthday, son. I hope you receive all the blessings from God.
  7. God's benevolences are new every morning, and He is the one who blesses you with the desires of your heart. Congratulations, Son.
  8. May God bless you always. Happy Birthday, my son.
  9. Delight yourself in the Lord, my son. God will be with you always and bless you wherever you go. Happy Birthday, dear!
  10. Congratulations on your birthday, my son, and be grateful for what the Lord has given you. I love you, Son.
  11. Life is good, son. May the Lord help you to live it fully under His care. Happy Birthday!
  12. It is God's blessing that enriches. May you be enhanced spiritually and materially. Congratulations on your happy Birthday, Son; I love you.
  13. Happy Birthday, Son. The Lord shows you the way of life, gives you happiness in his presence, and you will live with him forever.
  14. I pray to the Lord Jesus with all my heart to bless you, Son, and may you thrive and be in good health. Congratulations, relish your day.
  15. You are the most beautiful magnum opus God created, my son! Delight in your Birthday with all the love of your family and friends.

Bible verses for birthday wishes

Get the Template Card for Birthday Bible Verse >>

You can use the SwifDoo PDF to make your son feel extra blessed by adding a Holy Sculpture from our above-mentioned birthday wishes from Bible verses on your Son's Birthday. It will help escalate positivity and can be Good luck for him or can make him feel more religious.

15 Bible Verses for Birthday Wishes to Daughter

Here are 15 sacred birthday wishes from Bible verses to bless your daughter.

  1. To our lovely daughter, we pray the Almighty bless you and help you to prosper in his presence. Happy Birthday!
  2. I wish the Lord would provide you with eternal bliss. Happy Birthday, our charming daughter!
  3. I pray Jesus will provide you with a long life full of joy and prosperity. Enjoy your special Birthday, my lovely princess!
  4. May God bless you with a delightful day and many divine favors. Happy Birthday. Have a fantastic day!
  5. You are the most dazzling gem in our home. Happy Birthday, my lovely daughter!
  6. I wish that God enlightens you today and all through your life. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!
  7. May the Almighty always hold and protect you with His limitless love. Happy Birthday, my beautiful daughter!
  8. We wish you a very happy birthday, our lovely daughter. You absolutely are Heaven's most fabulous jewel. May your Birthday be as wonderful as you are.
  9. I pray to the Lord for your increased wisdom, insight, and understanding, my beautiful daughter. Have a fabulous birthday!
  10. Heaven's goodness will govern your heart, and His peace will navigate your life. Happy Birthday, my darling daughter!
  11. On this blessed day, I pray for you to be showered with all that is positive about life. Wishing you a very happy birthday, the prettiest daughter in the world!
  12. On this special day, my priceless daughter, I wish our Almighty God will bless you splendidly. Happy Birthday!
  13. We are gratified to the Almighty God for blessing you with another year of life. I pray Jesus grants you good health, joy, and many more blessed years.
  14. My heartfelt birthday wish for you, my lovely daughter, is that you stay close to Jesus and that His love reflects through you in whatever you do. Happy Birthday!
  15. I wish you, my ever-charming daughter. May the Holy Spirit bless you with excellent, serene memories, peace, prosperity, and joy. Happy Birthday to you!

Bible verses for birthday wishes

Download the Wishes Card for Free>>

Choose any of our Bible verses for birthday wishes to make a birthday card for your daughter. You can edit or annotate your chosen blessings and card as you want and need using the SwifDoo PDF. Share your heartfelt blessings and guarantee her rights as a beloved child of God.

If you are looking for Christian birthday wishes for friends and family, don’t forget to check this article for the best heartfelt greetings and messages:

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60 Christian Birthday Wishes for Friend and Family: Messages & Greetings

Use Christian birthday wishes to praise the Lord, your friends and family in a single message. Wish them with our 60 heartfelt birthday messages and greetings.


15 Bible Verses for Birthday Wishes to Parent

These 15 Holy Bible verses for birthday wishes will help you reach out to parents and encourage them to find rest and comfort in God's plan for their lives.

  1. I wish you much health, happiness, and love from our Lord, Jesus Christ, dear mom/dad. Happy Birthday!
  2. I pray that the almighty God shower you with peace and abundance on your special day. Happy Birthday to you mom/dad.
  3. I wish you all of God's grace on this day of your birthday. I hope you have a fabulous day. Love you mom/dad.
  4. I pray that God grants you good health, happiness, strength, and things that make you smile. Have a fantastic day, Mom/dad.
  5. Wishing you the most amazing Birthday, mom/dad. May God answer all of your prayers and bring you everything you need.
  6. Happy Birthday, mom/dad! May God bless you today. Trust Him with all your heart; he will always show the way.
  7. Wishing you a huge happy birthday to my one and only Mom/Dad. Thank you for all that you do. I hope God will reward you with health and happiness.
  8. Happy Birthday, dear mom/dad! I wish you the best day. I pray for all of God's love.
  9. Happy Birthday to my amazing Mom/Dad. Thank you for being there for me every time. I pray to God to bring you much love and blessings on your special day.
  10. I wish you a fantastic birthday, mom/dad. Thank you for all of my prayers, blessings, love, and hugs.
  11. I wish a happy, joyous, and righteous day to a mom/dad who does so much for others in need— Greetings on your Birthday.
  12. On this great day, may the Lord's blessings be upon you. I wish you a very happy birthday to a father who is full of integrity and God's grace.
  13. I wish you, Mom/Dad, a birthday full of blessings, joy, and divine love. You make me feel safe and secure.
  14. I'm forever and ever grateful to Almighty God for bestowing upon me a mom/dad like you. Happy Birthday to you.
  15. Happy Birthday, mom/dad, to someone who personifies God's unlimited kindness, love, and grace every day.

Bible verses for birthday wishes

Access the Birthday Card to Share the Blessings with Your Parents >>

Make a DIY birthday card for your parents from our above-listed birthday verses from the Bible, or download the readily available birthday card templates using the SwifDoo PDF as religious check-ins to look at where they might need to change to grow closer to Jesus and to fulfill His teachings better.

10 Bible Verses for Birthday Wishes to Sister/Brother

These ten heartfelt Bible verses for birthday wishes will let your siblings know that they are consistently in your prayers,

  1. Sister, remember that God amazingly created you and jubilate His love. Happy Birthday!
  2. May the love of the Lord fill your life and warm your heart. Happy Birthday to you, sister.
  3. The light of God will always shine on you. Happy Birthday, my dearest sister.
  4. Wishing you a happy birthday, sister. I pray the glory of Christ shall illuminate you and always make you shine brighter than the stars.
  5. As you grow older today, dear sister, I pray you grow in wisdom and understanding. Happy Birthday!
  6. Dearest brother, trust in God's promise for another year of prosperity and joy; it will definitely come to you.
  7. May God bless you with your heart's desire and make all your plans triumph. Happy Birthday!
  8. To my dearest brother, I pray your Birthday is one of blessing, happiness, peace, and love that satisfies your soul.
  9. All the Lord's blessings on your Birthday today, dear brother. Have a great day.
  10. On your birthday, take time to jubilate the gift of life with which the Lord has blessed you. Congratulations!

Bible verses for birthday wishes

Free Download the Birthday Template Card for Bible Verses >>

Select your preferred inspirational Bible words for birthday wishes to make a card to encourage your dear siblings in their faith in God. Or download spiritual stickers to add them to your card using the SwifDoo PDF to provide relief and reassurance as they face challenges throughout their lives.

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