Even though annotation is one of the frequently used tools while dealing with PDF tasks, you may not know PDF annotation as well as you think. This article by SwifDoo PDF will give you a comprehensive introduction to PDF annotation, including what it is, and how to view and create it.

What Is PDF Annotation

PDF annotation is a markup or note added to specific content of a PDF document. Generally speaking, PDF annotations can be divided into markup annotations and non-markup annotations. Markup annotations include text, shapes, stamps, strikethrough, underline, etc. They are used to mark up the content of a PDF document. Non-markup annotations are often utilized to add interactive sections, multimedia, and more. Some of the examples are links, images, and attachments.

The PDF annotation tool is fundamental in remote collaboration. One great benefit of using PDF annotation is preventing changes directly on a PDF file while gathering opinions from others.

You may also use it in proofreading to take notes while reading complex and lengthy documents. Which can help understand what you read and save time for later referring.

How to View PDF Annotations

Usually, after you annotate a PDF, you can see all the annotations directly the next time you open the file. If not, you may have hidden the annotations by setting. Then, you need to go to the Annotate or Comment tab for different applications, and click “Manage > Show annotation”. If you are using a PDF editor with an automatic synchronization function, there is a possibility that the PDF annotation you’ve made fails to sync to the cloud. That may happen as a result of an unstable network. In this case, you need to go to the device on which you make your annotations to view them.

How to Add Annotations to a PDF

If you want to annotate a PDF, you need a PDF annotator first. SwifDoo PDF comes in handy in this case. This software offers 10+ annotation tools to help make comments on PDF documents. You can add highlights, underline, strikethrough, shapes, and stamps to mark up the content or attach files to provide supporting information.

To add PDF annotations in this application, you need to open a PDF file in it, go to the “Annotate” tab, and use tools in the ribbon to mark up your file.

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