Whether used for business, education, or personal purposes, interactive PDFs offer engagement and efficiency that traditional documents can't match. By transforming static documents into dynamic forms, interactive PDFs let users provide information, indicate preferences, and complete tasks effortlessly. If you do not know what an interactive PDF is, why you should make one, or how to create one, read this post by SwifDoo PDF to find the answers.

What Is an Interactive PDF

An interactive PDF is a type of digital document that incorporates rich media content, including hyperlinks, audio and video files, images, clickable buttons, and fillable forms. These engaging elements make interactive PDFs an excellent option for presentations.

Different from traditional static PDFs that are primarily used for eBooks or brochures, interactive PDFs are typically shared online via email or the web. Their ability to organize different types of content within one document makes them a popular choice among educators and instructional designers.

Why Should You Make an Interactive PDF

Interactive PDFs offer a more logical and structured way to present information, making them a professional choice for engaging clients or stakeholders.

In a business meeting, an interactive PDF can offer a clear and concise overview of the presentation. For marketing, it can enhance audience engagement by providing interactive elements like website links or tutorial videos, encouraging viewers to explore your products or services further. In the case of education, interactive PDFs will offer a more immersive learning experience with instructive videos and images.

How to Create an Interactive PDF

SwifDoo PDF offers a variety of features to help you create interactive PDFs. It lets you link your content to a webpage, a local file, or a certain page of the document. You can change the appearance of the link if needed. This program also empowers you to insert pictures quickly. Here’s the how-to method: open your PDF with this software, go to the “Edit” tab, and click “Add Image” or “Link” to enrich the content of your PDF.

To insert clickable buttons or fillable fields, interactive PDF creators like Adobe Acrobat, FlipHTML5, pdfFiller, Sejda, and Skim will be nice choices.

While making an interactive PDF, it’s suggested to add clear and concise text for your buttons, form fields, and links so that users can better understand your purpose. Besides, remember to test your interactive PDF thoroughly before distributing it.

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