Nowadays we live in a fast-paced society where convenience, simplicity, and speed are emphasized. Many people hope to use their time wisely, not just for their work but also for their leisure pursuits.

If you love reading, portability might be your priority to enjoy the stories whenever and wherever you are while freeing your hands from big heavy physical books. Then the ePUB format file is one of the best choices you have to help you read through a thin digital device! But, what does ePUB mean?

What Does EPUB Mean

Short for electronic publication, ePUB is a file format using .epub as its file extension, which is the most common format for Ebook reading. It is initiated by IDPF (International Digital Publishing Forum) in 2007 and has been updated to Version 3.2 for better services.

The EPUB format is based on XHTML and XML so that it can store file contents including text, graphics, tables, and style sheets, making it easier to open ePUB files through various platforms.

For What Devices Dose EPUB Format Work

EPUB has strong compatibility, which means this format is reconcilable with almost all e-readers such as Apple Books, Adobe Digital Editions, and Radium. Technically speaking, readers can read their ePUB files on both Windows and macOS for desktop, iOS and Android for mobile phones.

Though it is a little bit upset that Kindle, the world’s most popular e-reader does not support the ePUB format now, a good news is that Amazon announced Kindle will be compatible with the ePUB format in 2022! Readers can open the ePUB file by sending email documents to Kindle Library through Send to Kindle email address.


1.EPUB Can Reflow the Content

The most obvious difference between the ePUB format and the PDF format is that the former can reflow the content according to screen displays. There is no need to pan or zoom the file each time when turning to the next page just like a PDF file does.

In the ePUB format, the text size will be automatically adjusted once the file is opened and then readers can have a smooth reading experience.

2.EUPB Is Easier to Add and Watch Media

It is easy to add or watch videos and audios on ePUB files to make the content more interactive, and readers can open multimedia directly on an e-reader, regardless of the device.

On the contrary, few PDF converters can add multimedia elements to PDF files, and software compatibility is a major setback. If someone tries to open a video from another device, he/she must download the corresponding applications first.

3.EUPB Format Is Better in Security

EPUB format can add DRM (digital rights management) to protect its copyrights, implying that the creator can set up the time period or specify target readers who can access the text. People without permission are not allowed to read or even share it.

Even if PDF format can encrypt the content with a password, it is not difficult to decrypt the file with the help of password recovery software. In another word, it is not utterly safe.

As the most popular e-book format, ePUB greatly enriches the life of book lovers. They no longer worry about the heaviness, damage, or even loss while carrying traditional books. If you want to start a new journey through Ebook reading, ePUB makes a good call!

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