There are various eBook file formats in the world since the rise of e-reading. As an eBook reader, you might feel confused about those different formats. So today, we are going to introduce one of them - the PalmDoc format, to let you be more familiar with it.

What Is the PalmDoc Format

The PalmDoc format is a DOC format in the Palm OS system, a mobile operating system developed by Palm, Inc. in 1996. This format was originally used to compress text files for this system and it is now a popular eBook format. In 1998, Aportis Technologies Corporation purchased the rights to this format and renamed it as AportisDoc. The MOBI format was an extension of the PalmDoc format.

What Is a PalmDoc File

A PalmDoc file is a DOC file created by Palm OS with the file extension of .pdb or .prc. Using lossless data compression algorithms named LZ77, a PalmDoc file contains compressed plain text. To keep the file size small, it does not allow any formatting. A PalmDoc file consists of a header, record headers, and records, describing each part of the file content respectively.

The unique compression method saves memory space and will automatically decompress the file to open it. However, though this method decompresses file content quickly, it results in a slow compressing process.

How to Open a PalmDoc File

Aportis has ceased its services many years ago, so its PalmDoc reader is no longer accessible. But thankfully, a lot of programs support this format. We provide you with two methods to open a PalmDoc file: by an e-reader or by file conversion.

If you have an e-reader, then you can do as follows to open a PalmDoc file:

Step 1: Connect your e-reader to your device via USB cable;

Step 2: Open the file browser on your computer and locate your PalmDoc file. Drag and drop it to the library directory on the e-reader;

Step 3: Disconnect your e-reader from the PC after the file is successfully transferred;

Step 4: Find the file in the e-reader’s listing and click it to view the content.

Generally, any e-reader supporting the MOBI format can open a PalmDoc file.

For the other method, you can convert PalmDoc to PDF. PDF is the most compatible format in the world and you can open a PDF file on any device. Zamzar, CloudConvert, MiConv, and other free online PDF converters can convert a PalmDoc file to a PDF file. You can use them with web browsers such as Safari and Firefox. After the conversion, you can utilize SwifDoo PDF, a comprehensive one-stop PDF solution to view, annotate, and compress your PDF file.



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