There are an array of CAD files created by different CAD programs. For people who are new to these files, it is easy to be overwhelmed by those similar file formats. So today, we will introduce DWT, one of the CAD file formats to help you learn about it. In this article, we talks about what is a DWT file and how can we open it.

What Is a DWT File

To understand DWT files, it is better to know what DWT stands for first. The DWT format is a derivative of the DWG format, and it is saved in a binary format. It contains predefined values that are readily used.

A DWT file in AutoCAD is known as a drawing template file with the file extension of .dwt and it is frequently used in 2D and 3D drawing files. The DWT file is applied to set initial configurations when creating new drawings. Those configurations contain drawing units, required precision, title blocks, layer name, line types, and other properties.

A DWT file is a DWG file with pre-formatted read-only attributes, which means it is only available for viewing, but the DWT file can be used to generate a new file with the same information. To put it simply, for users who want to create CAD drawings with the same layout, the DWT file is their best choice. This is quite similar to using a DOT file to create multiple files with the same page settings.

The other common DWT file is generated by Dreamweaver, a proprietary web development developed by Adobe. It is a web page template file that can create web pages with similar content and formatting.

How to Open DWT Files

The same as other CAD files, normally you have to download a CAD program or utilize an online DWT viewer to open a DWT file. Otherwise, you cannot read the content. Here is a list of some DWT viewers:

1. AutoCAD: a CAD application creating DWT, DWG, DWS, and DXF files and compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.
2. Dreamweaver: a DWG and other CAD files viewer and editor for Windows and macOS.
3. Aspose DWT viewer: a free DWT online viewer available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.
4. GroupDocs. View App: a free online viewer for most file formats.

For most CAD desktop programs that support the DWT format, you can open a DWT file by double-clicking, or going to “File” > “Open”, or similar options to choose the DWT file and import it into applications. To open DWT files online, drag the DWT file to the upload box and drop it.

For your information, you might need to convert DWT to PDF if you do not want to install another application. When viewing your DWT file by any online DWT viewers mentioned above, you can directly convert your DWT file to PDF. Besides, you can also use an online PDF converter to conduct the conversion alternatively.



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