With the rise of artificial intelligence, many industries have witnessed significant improvements in work efficiency. PDF work is no exception, as tools like SwifDoo AI are now available to speed up workflows and achieve greater productivity. This article by SwifDoo PDF delves into the capabilities of SwifDoo AI, providing a comprehensive overview of this game-changing tool.

What Is SwifDoo AI

SwifDoo AI is a powerful AI assistance to help you handle PDF tasks efficiently. This AI chatbot offers two modes: Chat with AI and Analyse PDF.

Chat with AI lets you summarize, translate, rewrite, and proofread a PDF while viewing it. You can also ask any questions by typing them in the text box, and the AI will provide informative answers.

In the Analyze PDF mode, you can analyze the PDFS to extract key points directly.

What Can SwifDoo AI Do

Powered by GPT 4.0, SwifDoo AI can answer your questions on a wide range of subjects, provide recommendations for you, and more. Some main features are as follows:

  • Summarize PDF: For lengthy PDF files, SwifDoo AI can extract key points, ideas, and data to save your reading time.
  • Translate PDF: This AI chatbot is capable of translating PDFs between all major languages, paving the way for cross-border communication and collaboration.
  • Rewrite PDF: For writing projects, this tool can rephrase or paraphrase the text for improved clarity or style.
  • Explain PDF: While reading reports, research materials, or other professional documents that contain complex concepts, SwifDoo AI will help you convert them to plain words to help you understand them better.
  • Proofread PDF: Enhance your PDF's professionalism by using SwifDoo AI to fix grammatical errors, formatting inconsistencies, spelling mistakes, and other writing issues.
  • Analyze PDF: This mode provides a structured approach to extracting information from the PDF. It will automatically identify the most important information in the PDF in a clear and concise format for you.

How to Use SwifDoo AI

Currently, SwifDoo AI is available on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and XP. Free users can process a PDF with up to 10 MB and 10 pages for free. Subscribers who upgrade to the pro version can handle a PDF with a maximum file size of 1 GB and up to 100 pages.

There are two ways to access SwifDoo AI and leverage its powerful features:

Using the AI Side Panel:

  • Open your PDF file with SwifDoo PDF.
  • Tap the "SwifDoo AI" button in the "Home" tab. That will activate the AI side panel, granting you access to its various functionalities.

Using the Floating Toolbar:

  • Select the specific content within the PDF that you want to modify.
  • Click "SwifDoo AI" in the floating toolbar and choose the feature you need. This will directly launch the relevant AI tools for processing your chosen content.

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