When it comes to large file sharing, many people will use a compressed archive file to reduce the overall size and save time for document transferring and downloading. One of the most common archive file formats is RAR. In this post, we will give you a comprehensive introduction to the RAR file.

What Is a RAR File

Roshal Archive, or RAR for short, is a proprietary archive file format that supports data compression, error recovery, and file spanning. It is the native format of the WinRAR software and has the .rar file extension. The RAR file type is widely applied on the Internet for large file transmission and sharing. Turning files into RAR can optimize the file size while retaining their properties.

Similar to a ZIP file, a RAR file is a data container that stores compressed files. RAR files require third-party software to create, open, or extract files or folders from them whereas ZIPs use the in-built tool on desktops to do those. RAR format provides higher compression ratios compared with ZIP files.

A RAR file can be divided into several archives that are consolidated into one smaller file easier to transfer thanks to compression.

How to Open and Extract a RAR File

Among a wide range of RAR file openers and extractors on Windows, WinRAR is the industry-recognized standard for unpacking files archived in RAR format. After installing the WinRAR app on your Windows, right-click the RAR file you want to open and select “Open with WinRAR”. Then hit “Extract to” and select a destination folder for the unpacked files. After that, you can click to see the content RAR file in the destination folder you choose.

If you are searching for a free application to open and extract RAR files, try 7-Zip, an easy-to-use alternative to WinRAR. For Mac users, The Unarchiver will be an excellent choice.

Convert RAR to PDF

As mentioned, opening a RAR file requires a third-party application. For the sake of accessibility, it’s suggested to convert RAR to a file format that has higher compatibility like PDF. To convert RAR to PDF, simply pick one RAR to PDF converter from a search engine, upload your RAR document, select the exported file format, then wait for your file to be converted and download the PDF.

If you want to make more conversions between PDF and other office file types, SwifDoo PDF will be your right-hand assistant.

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