You might have seen a PPTX file a lot if you've ever attended business meetings, university lectures, or similar events. However, if you have rarely or never used this file yourself, you may be curious about it. Read this article to get a quick and overall view of it. From this post, you will learn what a PPTX file is, how to open it and convert it to PDF in straightforward and easy-to-understand words.


What Is a PPTX File

A PPTX file is a file with the .pptx extension and created by Microsoft PowerPoint or similar presentation programs. So what is PPTX? It stands for PowerPoint Open XML Presentation format. The X added to the older PPT format means the support for open XML. That makes a PPTX file better compatible with various software. Microsoft introduced the newer file since PowerPoint 2007.

Like all presentation files, a PPTX file encompasses slides with text, images, and more objects. You can further figure out the file via PPTX vs PPT. A PPTX file is saved in Open XML format as mentioned while a PPT file is in pure binary format. PPTX files can only be created or saved by PowerPoint 2007 or later (unless with the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack installed) while the older PPT files are for all versions.

If you open or save a PPTX file in earlier PPT format or PowerPoint versions, the features such as animations and formatting may get lost. Because the new file can include features and formattings from the newer PowerPoint versions, which are unsupported in the old versions.

How to Open PPTX File

Microsoft PowerPoint is no doubt the program to open a PPTX file as the inventor and developer of the file. The 2007 and later versions can fully support the features and formatting used in the file. The software application is available for Windows, macOS and online and also downloadable from Android and iOS phones.

Many other office programs support the .pptx file type. Windows users have File Viewer Plus to open, edit, and convert the file without PowerPoint. To open a PPTX file on Mac, the builtin applications Apple Keynote and Preview are good to use. Apache OpenOffice Impress is an open-source and free PPTX file viewer for download to work on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and more platforms. LibreOffice Impress is another freeware for multiple operating systems.

In addition, opening PPTX files can be done with an online free file viewer and opener like Google Slides which also allows you to edit the slides. For iOS users, you can install Google Drive as the file reader.

The method to open a PPTX file is just to launch one of the programs, go to File and choose the Open option. If you like to view the file online, you can upload it to an online viewer, and click it to open.

How to Convert PPTX to PDF

It’s straightforward to convert PPTX to PDF in Microsoft PowerPoint and any other office presentation programs mentioned. Just open the PPTX file in one of them, go to File to choose the Save as/Export option, select PDF as the saved file format, and save it to convert the file to a PDF document. The options you click might be slightly different in different software applications but are similar. You can follow the method to convert PPTX to PPT or PPT to PPTX.

Besides, it’s quick and easy to convert PPTX to PDF with a dedicated PDF converter. To convert, open the PPTX to PDF converter, add the file, select the output path, and click the Convert button.

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