If you are an Apple product user, you may be familiar with the Pages app with which you can manipulate various types of documents in a breeze. What do you know about Pages file, the application’s native file type? Do you have any idea about how to open and convert it? This post will give you answers.

What Is a Pages File

A Pages file is a word processing and text document created and saved by the Pages app, the Apple's proprietary word processor. Apple Inc. developed and configured the Pages application on iPhone, iPad and Mac to help users deal with text files without Microsoft Office. Similar to a Word document, a Pages file may contain text, images, graphs, links, charts, etc. The file extension of a Pages file is .pages.

In Pages, you can create a Pages file from scratch or by using a pre-designed template to boost productivity. Your edits will be saved automatically. If needed, multiple users can work on the same Pages file for collaboration.

How to Open a Pages File

Apple users can simply open Pages documents with the Pages application. For Windows users, you can open a Pages file by changing its file extension. The concrete steps are as follows.

Before we start, we suggest you get a copy of the Pages document in case of the file getting corrupted. Here we go. Select the Pages file and press “F2” to rename it. Replace the .pages file extension with “.zip” and then tap “Save”. Double-click the ZIP file, and open the QuickLook file folder inside it. Here you will see a PDF named “Preview” and a JPG file. Open the PDF document and you will see the content of the Pages file.

How to Convert Pages to PDF

Though Pages files are handy for your work on a Mac, they cannot be opened natively outside an Apple device. If you want to share your Pages document with other devices or with non-Apple users, you may need to convert it first. Converting Pages to PDF can ensure your formatting stays consistent across any device.

You can directly turn Pages into PDFs in the Pages program using the following steps. Open your Pages document you want to convert and choose “File > Export To”. Select “PDF” as the export format, tap “Next”, and determine the name and location of the file. And finally, hit “Export”. Then, your Pages file will be converted to PDF. 

When you have converted and saved Pages as PDF, you can make edits to the PDF with SwifDoo PDF. If you need to convert PDF to Word, Excel and other office document or vice versa in the future, SwifDoo PDF comes in handy.

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