SwifDoo PDF offers a 7-day free trial, during which you can access all features, whether or not you register. Within this 7-day period, you can utilize functionalities such as editing, conversion, merging, compression, protection, electronic signatures, and more.

When it comes to checking the remaining days of your trial period, if you're already a registered user, you can easily view the remaining days of your trial period. Simply navigate to the “Sign in” window where the exact number of days left in the trial period is prominently displayed.

For users who have not yet completed the registration process, it is advisable to sign up for a SwifDoo PDF account to attempt to ascertain the remaining days of the trial period. This will enable seamless access to the information regarding the duration of the trial period.


After the 7-day trial period concludes, you'll still have access to certain features. This includes the ability to create new PDF files in various modes and experience different reading options. The reading experience encompasses features like rotating PDFs, changing PDF themes, split-screen viewing, word count, and advanced search.

Note: Furthermore, it's important to note that an additional value-added service of document translation was introduced in version This service requires payment based on the number of pages in the document.