The non-profit and educational discount is granted by the developer on an application basis. Please send an inquiry with the specified number and model of the SwifDoo PDF software to [email protected]


SwifDoo PDF now offers discounts at 50% off the list price to communities, nonprofits, as well as educational institutions.

The SwifDoo PDF non-profit and education discounts can help provide the right PDF software to attract new students and support those already studying, even in educational and research institutions facing severe budget constraints.

SwifDoo PDF list pricing is available on the official online store.

The following are eligible for the non-profit and education discount:

A. Educational Institutions

  1. Academic or professional institutions accredited by the relevant government agency in the country where the educational institutions are headquartered. Full-time accredited public or private elementary, secondary or tertiary schools. This also includes kindergartens, primary schools, junior high schools, high schools, schools for the disabled, teachers' colleges, technical universities, research institutes, adult education centers, state or state-subsidized institutions providing training for the unemployed;
  2. Homeschooling households confirmed in writing.

B. Public Research Institutions

  1. Public institutions wholly funded by the government at local, national or transnational level, teaching students as part of their research mission after providing a copy of a document confirming the relationship of this institute with the university.

C. Non-profit Charities

Non-profit charities whose purpose is:

  1. Social assistance to the poorest;
  2. Education development;
  3. Social and community care;
  4. Cultural development;
  5. Improvement of the natural environment.

Purchase of the SwifDoo PDF by one of the above-mentioned institutions entitled to receive a non-profit and education discount.

In practice, the SwifDoo PDF non-profit and education discount enables better dealing with PDF-related jobs for educational purposes of pupils, students, educational staff and youth workers and supports the building of partnerships between universities, higher and secondary schools, enterprises and non-profit organizations to strengthen innovation.

Many of the discounts offered by us are only available through the SwifDoo PDF online store. Discounts for eligible resorts can be as high as over 50%.

In addition, if you purchase more than one license, you may receive an additional wholesale discount. Please send any questions regarding the amount of current discounts before making a purchase to [email protected].