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How to Post A PDF on Instagram | All Proven Methods

By Lena | Follow twitter | Updated on December 26, 2023
PDF is a reliable way to distribute documents because it is compatible with all devices and looks the same on all of them, which ensures that your ingenuity is fully presented to the reader. In order for more people to see what you're sharing, it's a good idea to share the PDF on Instagram, one of the largest social media platforms in the world. This guide will tell you all the info about how to post a PDF on Instagram.

Can You Post A PDF on Instagram?

Well, there is no way to post a PDF directly on Instagram. In fact, almost all social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter do not allow users to directly upload PDFs to share with their followers or send PDFs through messages. However, it does not mean there is no way to post a PDF on Instagram.

There are workarounds that can help you get the job done. Simply put, you can convert a PDF into a format that can be posted on Instagram, such as a link, an image, or a video. Converting PDF sounds complicated, but it can actually be done quickly with the right tools. Just keep reading to see how to convert a PDF to a link/image/video and how to post a PDF on Instagram.

How to Convert PDF to Link/Image/Video

As mentioned above, if you want to share a PDF on Instagram, you should first convert it to a format that can be posted on PDF. You can convert the PDF to hyperlink, image, or video according to your needs.

For a PDF with many pages, converting it as a hyperlink may be a good choice. If there are only a few pages, then you may choose to convert the PDF to image or video. Let’s see the details.

Convert PDF to Link

You can take advantage of cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive to get a PDF link. Here, let me show you how to convert PDF to link with Google Drive.

1. Open Google Drive app and log in to your account.

2. Click the Plus icon > Choose Upload to upload the PDF file.

Upload to Google Drive

3. Click the three dots icon next to the PDF file > Choose Copy link and the link will be copied to the clipboard.

If you are using a computer, you can open your browser and go to https://www.google.com/drive/ to upload the PDF and get the link.

Google Drive Copy Link

Convert PDF to Image

To convert PDF to image, you can choose to use an online converter or a desktop PDF tool.

Steps to convert PDF to image via online converter

The online PDF converter can help you convert PDF to image on any device (your phone or computer). Simply open the browser and visit https://www.swifdoo.com/pdf-to-jpg > Select Choose Files to upload your PDF file > When it is finished, click Download to save JPG files.

Convert PDF to Image Online

Steps to convert PDF to image via PDF tool

If you are using a computer, then you can let SwifDoo PDF or Preview help you get the job done. They are available for Windows and Mac computers.

On your Windows computer, click the download button to get SwifDoo PDF > Choose PDF to Image > Click Add Files to add the PDF file > Set the page range > Adjust the conversation settings and click Start. It allows you to save all pages in an image file.

SwifDoo PDF Convert to Image

On your Mac computer, open the PDF with Preview > Select the pages you want to convert > Click File and choose Export > Name the file and select a format > Click Save.

Preview Convert to Image

Convert PDF to Video

When you want to convert PDF to video, open the browser and go to https://video.online-convert.com/convert-to-mp4 > Upload your PDF file > Click START.


Wait for the process to complete and click Download to save the video.

Download PDF Video

How to Post A PDF on Instagram

Now you have converted PDF to link, image, and video. Then you can post it on your Instagram. If you have converted the PDF to an image or video, then you can simply share it in your post or story as usual.

Many users may not know how to share links. Therefore, this part will focus on how to post a PDF on Instagram via a link.

How to Post A PDF on Instagram Bio

In Instagram app, go to your profile page > tap Edit profile > tap Links > choose Add external link and enter the URL of the PDF > tap Done to confirm.

Share A PDF on Instagram Bio

How to Post A PDF on Instagram Story

  • First create a story > Tap the Sticker icon at the top.

Tap the Sticker Icon

  • Choose LINK > Add the URL and you can tap Customise sticker text to change the text > Tap Done to continue.

Add the URL

  • Tap the sticker to change the design and drag it to the right place.

Adjust the Sticker

  • Then you can post the story to your account.

How to Post A PDF on Instagram Caption

You can also choose to share the link with a post. Simply put the URL into the caption. However, it will not be hyperlinked, so people need to type the URL into their browser to access the PDF page.

If the link is too long, you can shorten it by visiting https://bitly.com/. First sign up to get a free account > Choose Create new > Paste the URL and click Create > After that, you can customize the back half of the URL.

Shorten URL

How to Send A PDF on Instagram DM

With the in-app messaging feature - Direct Messenger, you will be able to send text, photos, videos, links, etc. to others. Read on to see how to send a PDF on Instagram DM.

1. Tap the Direct Messenger in the upper right corner.

2. Choose a person or group.

3. Then you can share the converted PDF.

  • For the link of the PDF file, you can paste it into the chat box and send it.
  • To send the image or video of the file, tap the Photo icon and select the one you want to send.

Send PDF via Direct Messenger

Final Words

Now you know how to post a PDF on Instagram. Instagram does not allow you to share a PDF file directly. You can first convert the PDF to a link, an image, or a video and then share it with your followers and friends. If you find this guide if helpful, just share it to help more people!


Q:Can you share a PDF on Instagram messages?

You can't share PDF files via messages. You can convert the PDF to a link/image/video and then send it.

Q:How do I post a PDF on social media?

If it is a large file, you can first upload the PDF to Google Drive, then make a copy of the file link, and finally share the link. If the PDF document is only a few pages long, you can convert it to an image or multiple images and post it on social media platforms.

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