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Home / News / Best 8 News Apps in 2024 For iOS & Android Users [Must-Read List]

Best 8 News Apps in 2024 For iOS & Android Users [Must-Read List]

By Lydia | Follow twitter | Updated on December 14, 2023
Due to the high societal rush and competitive era, traditional newspaper reading is experiencing a shift from physical paper to mobile applications. But do you know the best news app to catch the daily updates and the latest developments of business, sports, tech, entertainment, stock market, etc., at a single click?

This post is a round-up that compiles the most popular and best news app for Android and iPhone to watch the news and stay updated every moment at any time. So be with us to look at the eight best news apps in 2023 that you won’t want to miss out on.

The Top 8 Best News App for iOS & Android

Here’s a thorough list of the best news apps for iOS and Android. Our extensive list comprises all the best apps for news from tech and gadget reviews, sports, stock market, business, local and daily news, and more news developments from all fields of the economy that can attract your interest.

Apple News: Best News App for iPhone (iOS exclusive)

Apple News is one of the best news apps for iPhone. The app has news from trusted sources that are curated by editors and are personalized for you. Apple News is definitely not among the best free news apps, but the premium subscription gives you access to premium magazines and even leading newspapers.

Apple News - best news app for iOS

Apple News brings you top stories and local news with in-depth sports coverage and is committed to your privacy. The app has content from over a thousand sources, including CNN, USA Today, Buzzfeed, The Washington Post, Fox News, NBC News, and more.

What Makes Apple News So Remarkable

  1. Integrates well with the Apple ecosystem
  2. Understands the user persona with robust functionality
  3. Fantastic UX design
  4. Provides premium content from various sources

Download Apple News: iOS

Ratings: App Store: 4.6/5

BBC News: Best News App

BBC News is one of the best newspaper apps on Android and iPhone that gives you access to breaking news from a trusted global network of journalists. You can find super fast content from the BBC News indexes such as Business, Entertainment, Technology, and Health, and search your own topics of interest too.

BBC News - best news app

The app provides Push notifications for important news stories and helps you access the videos over cellular or WiFi networks.

What Makes BBC News So Incredible

  1. It provides breaking news through notifications to keep users informed on every update
  2. Live-streams news channels within the app and recreates the TV news experience on the phone
  3. Gives personalized news through the "My News" option where users can choose sections like Economy, Top headlines, breaking News, etc

Download BBC News: Android and iOS

Ratings: Google Play Store: 4.3/5 | App Store: 4.6/5

The New York Times: Best Newspaper App Android

The New York Times is the best free news app that brings you breaking national and world news with in-depth, independent, original reporting.

The New York Times - best news app for Android

The news coverage is beyond politics and news and includes topics that may revolve around your daily lives, such as business, opinions, wellness, tech, arts and culture, and more. You can read, watch and listen to original reporting from over 160 countries and 1700 journalists.

What Makes The New York Times So Practical

  1. Provides a clean and intuitive UI for avid news readers
  2. Gives breaking news alerts and notifications on your chosen topic of interest
  3. Gives offline reading option for subscribers

Download The New York Times: Android and iOS

Ratings: Google Play Store: 4.3/5 | App Store: 4.2/5

Google News: Best News App for Android

So if you ever wondered what is the most downloaded news app? Google News charts among the most downloaded free news apps with over 1 billion downloads. As a Google product, it brings you all the news across the world.

Google News - best news app

This easy-to-use and intuitive news app picks and updates news from recent research on Google. It covers multiple news from the world, local Businesses, Technology, entertainment, sports, Health Sciences, and more.

What Makes Google News So Popular?

  1. Google News lets users round up coverage from the best sources through a ‘Full Coverage’ button under each headline
  2. Users can subscribe to specific news sources and go through them directly from the app
  3. Users can purchase premium subscriptions
  4. Provides interconnected updates on the latest news developments

Download Google News: Android and iOS

Ratings: Google Play Store: 4.2/5 | App Store: 4.6/5

Inshorts: Best News App for Daily News

If you ask us which is the best app to read the daily news, Inshorts would be our best pick for this category. This news app selects the best and latest news from national and international sources that are presented to the users in 60 words or less.

inshorts - best news app for daily news

The crisp news format helps you be up-to-date with current affairs, headlines, and facts with no opinions. Whether it’s the news on government policies or any corner of the world, it covers you with every affair in a moment.

What Makes Inshorts So Impressive

  1. Short and crisp news formulation
  2. Simple and pretty well UI looks and functionality
  3. Offers one-touch sharing with Inshorts circle
  4. It lets you stay updated with current affairs

Download Inshorts: Android and iOS

Ratings: Google Play Store: 4.3/5 | App Store: 4.5/5

CNBC: Best Stock News App

CNBC opens the arena of Wall Street to you with breaking news alerts, global market data, watchlists, CNBC TV, and Live audio. It is NBC’s flagship financial news hub that can be the single best place for all the stock news.

CNBC - best news app for finance

CNBC is the best free news app that, besides stock news, lets you access the latest tech, business, and finance news developments in one click anytime.

What Makes CNBC: Stock Market and Business So Successful

  1. The app provides a customizable news section
  2. Personalized recommendations are available based on your interests with "For You" News
  3. It gives you 24-hour coverage of global stock markets
  4. Provides real-time stock quotes, interactive charts, and customizable time frames to help you make wise investment decisions

Download CNBC: Stock Market and Business: Android and iOS

Ratings: Google Play Store: 4.5/5 | App Store: 4.7/5

CNET: News, Advice & Deals: Best News App for Tech

So if you ask what is the best tech news mobile app, probably, CNET can end your search right away. ​It is the #1 source for tech news and reviews that puts the biggest stories of the day with expert advice for the products that must hit your hand by now.

CNET - best news app for tech

CNET helps you stay up-to-date with all the tech news and informed product purchases to help you make smart decisions.

What Makes CNET: News, Advice & Deals So Engaging

  1. CNET covers the latest tech news updates and gadget reviews, etc.
  2. Provides ‘FEATURED STORIES’ that cover editorial picks with popular and trending news
  3. Get timely notifications with BREAKING NEWS ALERTS
  4. Broad coverage by publishing 100 new items daily

Download CNET: News, Advice & Deals: Android and iOS

Ratings: Google Play Store: 3.7/5 | App Store: 4.4/5

ESPN: Best News App for Sports

ESPN is the best sports and football news app for sports lovers that can help you watch games, highlights, and on-demand news. ESPN keeps you updated on the latest news on your favorite sports team and their scores, videos, game previews, and more.

ESPN - best news app for sports

ESPN also brings you expert analysis, highlights, and live sports streams. For instance, as a subscriber, you can read premium articles and access exclusive originals on the ESPN app.   

What Makes ESPN So Exciting

  1. Covers football, baseball, softball, tennis, golf, and many sports in real-time
  2. ESPN+ lets you watch live sports and many ESPN+ originals
  3. Provides podcasts and ESPN radio
  4. Breaking news on sports anywhere and anytime on your terms

Download ESPN: Android and iOS

Ratings: Google Play Store: 4.2/5 | App Store: 4.6/5

Wrapping Up

To make progress with all the updates in real-time is a lot easier today than decades ago. Thanks to the swirl of the best news apps that make it available for Android and iOS phones.

Now with the bare minimum effort, you can catch all the latest developments across all your exciting topics, including tech, sports, entertainment, health, etc., with our list of best-unbiased news apps that cover you with news from trusted sources.

Lydia is an English columnist for AWZware. She is familiar with different technology products such as office software, location changers, and video software applications. Focused on tech blog writing, she is willing to solve your problems with up-to-date information.

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