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Arabic to Urdu PDF Translation | Top 4 Methods for Desktop/Online

By Charlotte | Follow twitter | Updated on March 14, 2024
Perhaps you have a PDF copy of a book or a business document from a global client that you wish to translate into your native language. Arabic and Urdu are two of the most widely used languages. Are you facing a problem in realizing Arabic to Urdu PDF translation? Though there is a broader range of language translators across various devices, the translation should be handy, accurate, and efficient.

Read this post to unlock a world of PDF translators from Arabic to Urdu, making your translation work more effortless than ever.

Conduct Arabic to Urdu PDF Translation on Windows

SwifDoo PDF is an ideal productivity application for Arabic to Urdu PDF translation. It features high accuracy and speed and multiple translation tools for different purposes. The software also contains a complete set of PDF converting, compressing, and splitting tools when required.   

  • Instant text translation in PDFs
  • Entire document or page translation
  • Scanned PDF text recognition and extraction
  • 100+ languages in the world
  • SwifDoo AI PDF translator
  • Add annotations to and edit a PDF file

Check out how to perform an Arabic to Urdu PDF translation using three options.

Option 1: Achieve PDF Translation from Arabic to Urdu by Selecting Text

SwifDoo PDF lets you read a foreign document comfortably in your local language. Its Arabic to Urdu translator can quickly generate a translation result in a popup over any selected text and allows copy. A free trial user can do such translations as many times as you like for free. No credit card info is needed.

To get Arabic to Urdu PDF translation done, download and install this PCWorld-trusted application for free first, then follow these steps.

Step 1: Drop the Arabic PDF file into the translator software;

Step 2: Select the text to be translated within the file and click the Quick Translation tool in the small toolbar;

PDF translate Arabic to Urdu on Windows 1

Step 3: Change the original language to Arabic and the destination to Urdu; you will receive the translation instantly.

PDF translate Arabic to Urdu on Windows 2

Option 2: Complete Arabic to Urdu PDF Translation by Page or File

If you want to save a translated copy, you will need a document translator that can convert Arabic to Urdu. That’s where SwifDoo PDF also comes into play. The app can translate any specified page or a complete PDF and allows you to seamlessly open, view, and make changes to the generated copy.  

Here is the process of starting and completing an Arabic to Urdu translation on a book or document PDF with preserved layout.

Step 1: Launch the translator program, and click Document Translation > Open File to import your document;

PDF translate Arabic to Urdu on Windows 3

Step 2: Select the correct input and output languages in the popup window;

PDF translate Arabic to Urdu on Windows 4

Step 3: Choose the saving location and other options, click the Translate button, and then save the translated file.

Option 3: Translate Arabic to Urdu for a Scanned PDF

Scanned documents are like images and cannot be translated normally. You'll need an Arabic translator with an OCR feature to translate your PDF to Urdu or any other language. SwifDoo PDF provides everything you need, from precisely recognizing text to doing the translation.  

Explore how to accomplish your Arabic to Urdu PDF translation using this way.

Step 1: Open your PDF in the software, and click the Apply OCR button that appears or choose Home > OCR;

PDF translate Arabic to Urdu on Windows 5

Step 2: Select the document language as Arabic, set the page range, and more options;

PDF translate Arabic to Urdu on Windows 6

Step 3: Click Apply to create an editable copy that will be automatically opened;

PDF translate Arabic to Urdu on Windows 7

Step 4: Save the file and select text for immediate translation, or use the document translation tool to translate the whole document.

Discover the power of SwifDoo PDF to do Arabic to Urdu PDF translation and more tasks by downloading it below.

Bonus: Translate a PDF Using the AI Translator

When you need to translate PDF content, you can also use the SwifDoo AI translator. Powered by the latest ChatGPT, it provides reliable and contextual translations in a blink of an eye. The AI tools also let you summarize, paraphrase, proofread, and rewrite your PDF text.

✅ Select a sentence or paragraph and choose the AI icon > Translate.

✅ Select the text you don’t understand, click SwifDoo AI under Home, and copy the text into the message box. Type your prompts and send the message to let the AI reply with a translation.

PDF translate Arabic to Urdu on Windows 8

How to Find and Replace Text in PDF (Offline & Online)

How to Find and Replace Text in PDF (Offline & Online)

How do I replace text in a PDF document? How do I bulk replace words and phrases in PDF? Learn the way to replace PDF text online and offline in this guide!


Do Arabic to Urdu Translation on PDF for Mac

A convenient way of conducting Arabic to Urdu PDF translation on your macOS is using the Documents Translator app. With an in-app purchase service, the app can auto-detect the language used in your document and translate text into a popup for fast reference.

PDF translate Arabic to Urdu for Mac

Step 1: Open your PDF file with this translator;

Step 2: Press the Option + Command + P hotkey to pop up a translation;

Step 3: Download and save the translated text.

PDF Translate from Arabic to Urdu Online

Google Docs

Google integrated a translator into the web-based Google Docs to help with Arabic to Urdu PDF translation. As long as you have a Google account and a computer, you can open and convert a PDF to a Google Doc, a Word-like file, and translate the file in several clicks. Learn how to translate Arabic to Urdu for your PDF online.

Step 1: Upload your Arabic PDF file to the Google Drive in a browser and open it;

Step 2: Choose Open with > Google Docs;

Step 3: Go to Tools > Translate document > Choose a language > Urdu, and hit Translate.

PDF translate Arabic to Urdu online 1

OpenL Translate

The Arabic to Urdu PDF translation issue can be solved by the online OpenL Translate tool. The software is designed with AI neural translation technology. It translates not only documents but also conversations and text. Free users have 30 credits daily, with a character limit of 1500. The processed files should be at most 10 MB in size.

Step 1: Access the Arabic to Urdu PDF translator online and click the Documents button;

Step 2: Upload your PDF file on the left side and check the translated text on the right;

Step 3: Copy the translation to the clipboard or download it as a Word file.

PDF translate Arabic to Urdu online 2


Do you need Arabic to Urdu PDF translation, or may you need it in the future? This post takes just a minute to master several effective and cost-saving solutions. The comprehensive PDF language translator, SwifDoo PDF, saves you from looking for various applications for separate features. It covers everything you'll want, so try it hassle-free.

Post this article on your social media pages to review the methods in the future or share with others who need to translate PDFs. 

Charlotte has been in the software industry for 8+ years. She works for AWZWARE now as a passionate writer. She is good at providing simple guides to use various video, office and entertainment software. Charlotte also recommends many other useful tools to make your work and life easier. A food lover too.

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