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Home / Blog / How to Convert JPG to PDF in Google Drive | 2024 Updated

How to Convert JPG to PDF in Google Drive | 2024 Updated

By Lena | Follow twitter | Updated on March 6, 2024
PDFs are widely regarded as a standard format for business documents. Converting JPGs to PDFs can make images more suitable for sharing professionally. If your pictures are saved in Google Drive, you may want to know how to convert them directly to PDF format. No worries! This guide will show you how to convert JPG to PDF in Google Drive.

Can You Convert JPG to PDF in Google Drive?

The answer is Yes! You can directly convert JPG to PDF in Google Drive. Although Google Drive does not natively support converting PDF files to JPG format, you can use Google Docs to open the PDF and complete the conversion.

Google Docs is one online word processor offered by Google. It can help you convert various formats into PDFs, including JPG files. Its OCR feature can recognize and extract text from pictures. However, it can only convert one JPG to PDF at a time. If you want to convert multiple JPGs, you can use the desktop program to save time!

Next, I will show you how to convert JPG to PDF in Google Drive. In addition, I’ll also introduce another method in case Google Drive can't meet your needs. Here we go.

How to Convert JPG to PDF in Google Drive

Let’s start to see how to change JPG to PDF in Google Drive. On a computer, you can go to Google Drive via a browser; on an iPhone or Android phone, you can install the Google Drive app. Please ensure a stable internet connection to ensure a smooth conversion.

Convert JPG to PDF in Google Drive on Computer

It’s easy to convert JPG to PDF in Google Drive on a PC or Mac. All you have to do is open the JPG in Google Docs and save the JPG in PDF format.

1. Open a browser and go to Google Drive.

Note: If you haven't uploaded the JPG, click "New" and select "File Upload".

2. Right-click on the file and choose Open with > Google Docs. Google Drive will create a new Google Docs document with the JPG image inside.

Open with Google Docs

3. Click on File > Download > PDF Document (.pdf) in the new window. The Google Docs document containing your JPG image will be downloaded as a PDF file to your computer.

Download PDF

Google may list text detected from the image. If you don't need the text, delete it before saving it.

Delete Text

Convert JPG to PDF in Google Drive on iPhone/Android

Now, let me show you how to convert JPG to PDF in Google Drive app on iPhone and Android phones. Here's an example for the iPhone.

1. Download, install, and launch the Google Drive app.

2. Find the JPG you want to convert > Tap the three-dots icon next to the file.

3. Scroll down and choose Print.

4. Tap the Share icon > Select Save to Files and select a location to save the new PDF.

Convert JPG to PDF in Google Drive on iPhone

Another Easy Way to Convert JPG to PDF

You already know how to convert JPG to PDF using Google Drive from the above. There is no need to download the image or any third-party app. However, it can only convert one image at a time. If many JPG files need to be converted, then you need to repeat the steps over and over again, which is time-consuming.

If you want to convert all JPG files into PDF files quickly, try SwifDoo PDF. It is one professional PDF editor available on PC, iPhone, and Android phones. This tool can convert JPG, PNG, Word, Excel, PPT, TXT, etc. to PDF without losing quality.

In addition to one-click transfer, you can select to save all images as one PDF or save each image as a PDF. The OCR feature lets you easily turn the PDF into a searchable and editable file. Without much ado, read to learn how to convert JPG to PDF with SwifDoo PDF. Please download the JPG images you want to convert from Google Drive in advance.

Quickly Convert JPG to PDF on PC

1. Click the download button to get SwifDoo PDF.

2. Launch the tool and go to Convert > Image to PDF.

Image to PDF

3. Click Add Files to add all the JPG files you want to convert.

4. Choose to create a new PDF or multiple PDF documents > Select the page size > Adjust the output path.

5. Finally, click Start.


After the conversion, you can continue editing the PDF file. If needed, you can use the OCR feature to extract the text. SwifDoo PDF is a comprehensive PDF editor. It can significantly improve your efficiency if you often need to deal with PDF documents!

Edit PDF with SwifDoo PDF

Quickly Convert JPG to PDF on iPhone/Android

1. Go to the App Store or click the download button below to get SwifDoo PDF for iOS or SwifDoo PDF for Android.

2. Tap Tools > Choose Image and select all the JPG files you want to convert.

Choose JPG

3. Choose the conversion mode and tap Start. When it’s done, tap Open File to check the PDF.

Open File

Like the desktop app, it can also help you edit PDFs. You can tap Read and choose Annotate to access the editing tools.

Annotate PDF with SwifDoo PDF App


That’s all about how to convert JPG to PDF in Google Drive. It is not difficult if you only need to convert one or two pages. However, if you need to convert a large number of images, the conversion process can be tedious. To save time and energy, you can use SwifDoo PDF, which can convert multiple images simultaneously!

Convert JPG to PDF in Google Drive FAQs

Q:Can I batch convert multiple JPG files to PDFs simultaneously in Google Drive?

Google Drive does not support batch conversion of multiple JPG files into separate PDFs simultaneously. You'll need to convert each one individually through Google Docs.

Q:Is there a quality loss in the converted PDF from a JPG?

The quality of the converted PDF should be similar to that of the original JPG. However, this can depend on the original image quality and the resolution of the JPG files.

Lena has been in the editing industry for 8 years. She is familiar with a variety of products that can make things easier, such as PDF tools, video recording software, iOS location changer, etc. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with users to help them solve problems in their work and life. In her spare time, she likes to play with her cat.

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