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How to Write a Research Article: A Guide

By Simpson | Follow twitter | Updated on May 12, 2022

Research in any educational field is lucrative.

If you are to write a primary research article based on your study, you add value in the respective field. If you have just entered the world of scientific research, you need to receive several practical classes that emphasize your learning craze. And if you plan to write an original research article but are in a dilemma about how to start, keep reading the article as we will guide you throughout your journey.


Though the blog topic is how to write a research article, you need to understand first what is research article and the differences between other articles and a research journal.

What Is a Research Article, and How Is It Different from Other Write-ups?

The research article is nothing but a set of findings the researchers made in the lab. While the write-up must consist of facts, findings, the purpose of the findings and researchers’ personal point of view.

For the academic write-up, it’s purpose is to contribute the scholar’s findings to the relevant field that can be path for the next generation of students. But, the primary research article is different because of its presentation style. And the information shared in the article are not meant for every reader at any given point.

Research articles or journals are loaded with information based on the researchers' practical research and survey. So the facts displayed are authentic, genuine, and from the core of the scholar’s personal perspective after analyzing the facts and scrutinizing every piece of information. Obviously, the result of his dedication to exploring the new findings is vast and contributes at large to society.

In another way, a research article is not meant for entertainment purposes, but provide constructive data to let readers learn the new chain of thoughts of the researchers. Readers acquire knowledge on a specific field of research if they are looking for specialized informative data.

The research article always differs from any other write-up. If you're planning to write a research article, you need to follow guidelines that ensure your smooth journey from the survey to conclusion.

Before writing, you need to go through an in-depth study of the topic you want to cover. You should prepare a set of questions including how your research article guides your junior students, how your research describes the hypothesis, how to find the research question in an article, and examples to examine the facts. This process can drive you to find something new that is beneficial to your juniors.

To narrow down the post-analysis part, we would like to suggest the below tips.

How to Write Your Research Article: Steps to Follow

Select a Research Subject Line

This is a crucial step you need to think about. A thorough study of previous research journal in your respective field is necessary for you to get a clear insight. The subject line is essential as the purpose of your research hides beneath it, and you may clarify in the research panel board why you select the topic. The deep study, findings, and your academic interest drive you to pick the right topic for you. 

Choose the Right Professor for the Guide

Before making decisions, try to mingle with your department professors to sense the one who shares the same interest with you. The right professor with a flexible mindset can guide you better, and sharing knowledge will increase your potential value in the research field.

If you assess him by his academic records, previous experience, and records in your college, don’t forget to check if there were any restrictions he imposed during the research tenure and how his explanation style in the lab. The research will take time, and it should not be lenient from both ends in this perspective.

Collect the Resources

College library, the Internet, previous journals, and above all, talking with professors and senior researchers are the massive resources you can access anytime. Get the authentic and original knowledge and stay away from fake or duplicate information so that you should not be misguided.

The previous research article example and the current trend verify when you collect all these research papers. You can utilize your scholars' group to collect data. But remember, the method and procedure might be different, and it will also influence the conclusion.

Start Writing

As you finish your research process and collect enough data, you can start writing as soon as possible. Under the professor's guidance, the writing flow will go naturally. Selective language, accessible explanation of your methodology, presentation style, and transparent perspectives are some notable points you should remember while writing your original research article.

Add Apt Illustrations

While you explain your findings or summarize your personal view, use illustrations. The graphic will promptly elaborate your point of view, and stimulate your junior students to follow your path. An added benefit is that the reading will not be monotonous. The original research article with relevant illustrations can set an excellent example of how a research journal should be, establishing your credibility among your fellow researchers.

Convert Your Research into PDF

Once you finish your research journal, it's time to convert the doc file or word file into PDF using the free PDF converter SwifDoo.

You need to convert the research file into PDF because PDF is a secure file format. And research journal, like highly-sensitive papers, needs security while transmitting from one system to another. The PDF converter even allows you to edit your article through adding annotations, footnotes, essential links, and images etc. The edit option is crucial, especially in research articles, before final submission. Another plus point is that you can add an e-sign as the papers' authentic marks while you finally submit them to the research panel board.

Convert it into PDF to ensure that the paper will be password protected and nobody can access them without your consent. SwifDoo free PDF converter adds extra security to your research PDF file so that your findings should not be stolen or copied by any third person.

Research journal exhibits your learning curve and the way you present. As it is based on survey and findings, your time management skill is put under trial. You have to prove your credibility to present your findings within the allocated time duration.

The Conclusion

A research article is considered a highly-academic write-up that brings a prestigious doctorate, which many scholars dream of. Whether you write an original research article or you have almost finished your write-up that needs a final touch-up, our tips would surely help you in your exploring journey from the beginning to the end.

In the end, the free PDF converter SwifDoo will smooth your submission process by providing password protection that ensures your research papers are safe and it will publish under your name only.



Simpson is from London, he is a professional columnist for certain fields of software,E-Commerce content writing. At SwifDoo Software, Simpson’s articles are usually about PDF software.

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