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Supercharge Your Gaming Experience with a Smart Use of PDFs

By Charlotte | Follow twitter | Updated on September 6, 2023
A gamer’s guide will be useful during the preparation before and during the game session, as an aid in guiding the game. Players will need them for notes during the game and writing down details on the character sheet. You may have some other proven ways to obtain these items, but PDF files are typically smaller in size, making them easy to store, transfer, and download.

When you think about upping your gaming experience, you may think of getting new hardware, a new controller or even updating your drivers for an extra performance boost. Well, what if I told you that something as simple as a PDF could be the thing that would give you a true boost to your gaming experience.

This versatile document type can do everything from building out your strategies to providing quick access information which, in turn, can make you more effective at everything from strategy games to fast-paced FPS games.

The Types of Gamer’s Guide PDFs

Let us look into some of the ways to use gamer’s guide PDFs to get the upper hand in any type of game.

Gamers guide types

1.    Comprehensive Strategy Guides

Whether you’re playing a complex strategy game or a competitive shooter, strategy will always help you win. Keeping track of the best strategies to win can be one of the best ways to secure future wins; and what better way to keep these strategies on hand than to jot them down into an easily accessible PDF.

Heck, for decades already players have been exchanging strategy guides to improve at various titles via PDFs.

2.    Character Sheets and Rulebooks for Tabletop RPGs

From Dungeons & Dragons to your own inventions, rulebooks are essential for the smooth running of RPGs. Everything from character sheets to campaign notes and story directions, PDFs help to keep all the mind-melting details and information in one place. Not only that but keeping them as a PDF makes them far more easily sharable than their paper alternatives.

Better yet, by using standardized templates, you can build out characters, rules and more with a fraction of the effort that it would take to do from scratch.

3.    Mods and User-Created Content

Mods both new and old use the readme files to help explain how the various files and information included in a downloadable package can be used and deployed in order to add functionality to a game. If you’ve ever tried to add new quests, characters or visual enhancements to a game, you’ve probably looked through your fair share of readmes.

If you’re working on a mod, be sure to create a clear readme to support your mod. PDFs offer an opportunity to provide an additional creative flair to this document; unlike the other common .txt format.

4.    Lore Compendiums and Backstories

If you’re a fan of sprawling story games, it can sometimes be hard to keep track of all the characters, locations and lore surrounding the game. This is where PDFs come in. They can be an ideal medium for compiling in-depth lore and backstories, acting like a quick-reference to keep you up to speed. Furthermore, once such a document is completed, you can easily share it with others to add to the community’s understanding of a game’s world and lore.

While this is often done on wiki sites, the additional creative freedom provided by a PDF can help to make more story-rich documents, that grab eyes.

5.    Game Manuals and Artbooks

PDFs are also useful for game designers themselves. While games of old were distributed in cases, often with accompanying manuals, today most games are purchased and distributed digitally. This means that developers don’t have the same incentive to provide booklets or additional documentation with games—but this doesn’t have to be the case!

Many game developers, particularly of the indie variety, have started crafting the digital equivalent of physical game manuals in the form of vibrant PDFs that are provided alongside a game’s digital download. Not only this, but developers have also begun selling digital artbooks and other behind-the-scenes documents that give insight into the creative processes that went into the game.

6.    Quick References and Cheat Sheets

If you’re anything like me, you can recall plenty of times when you’ve had trouble remembering button combos, complex in-game procedures or other in-game actions. That’s why I’m a huge advocate for bringing back physical quick reference guides.

Simply pin this up on the wall next to yourself, and you can quickly access any complex information you need for a game on the fly. Whether that be remembering that complex brutality in Mortal Kombat or which location you need to go to next.

You can even use this to write up information like hard counters in games like League of Legends—so you always know how to position yourself. Speaking of which, if you can’t wait to get into ranked gameplay, you can always buy a cheap League of Legends account.

Such quick reference guides not only save you time but also can help optimize your gameplay by keeping the best tactics only a glance away.

The Positive Effects of Gamer’s Guide PDFs

Due to their multidimensionality and complexity, games require their players to solve sometimes very complex puzzles. Research confirms that people who play games can absorb much more information, remember it for longer and become more intelligent.

The gamer’s guide PDFs strongly stimulate the occasions, combining and analyzing the information obtained particularly in order to jump to the next level of the game and score points.

On the other hand, strategic or economic game guides teach how to make decisions and solve problematic situations.

Undoubtedly, a gamer’s guide also teaches patience, because it is not immediately possible to learn the mechanisms that govern it. Players can use the acquired play-through knowledge in playing the games.

Educational games play a significant role in the learning process and facilitate it, thanks to the fact that they fulfill multiple roles. Educational game guide PDFs help teach tactical thinking, react quickly in specific situations and notice details.

Creating Gamer’s Guide PDFs with a Dedicated PDF Creator

PDF files seem very convenient to use, they are easy to read and print, but it is much more difficult to process such files. It is difficult to parse their contents in plain text. Unfortunately, sooner or later, each of us will face the need to extract content from them.

Create gamers guide PDF with SwifDoo PDF

Fortunately, there are plenty of good, ready-to-use gamer’s guide templates that let you do pretty much anything with a specific game title in the format of PDFs. From extracting text data, through finding the X and Y coordinates of specific elements, to converting to well-known formats.

One way to deal with a gamer’s guide PDF annoyance is with video clips. People love to watch videos, and they are especially interested in local ones. Another way to make a gamer’s guide more attractive is to add clickable images. They can be enlarged by clicking so you can add more gameplay images. You can even create an image collection for a specific game title.

Create gamers guide PDF with SwifDoo PDF 1

For the purposes of creating a gamer’s guide PDF, however, now you just have to choose the one that will of course meet your expectations - get information about the number of pages in a PDF document as soon as possible. We'll take a closer look at using SwifDoo PDF.

Create gamers guide PDF with SwifDoo PDF 2

A rich-media gamer’s guide contains interactive content such as videos, maps and games to offer players a more engaging experience. However, remember not to overdo it with multimedia. 

The focus should be on the appearance of the interactive PDF. Make sure it looks good and is easy to navigate. If you have the right software, you can easily add interactive elements to a PDF. SwifDoo PDf offers tools that allow you to attach audio, video and photo galleries.

Create gamers guide PDF with SwifDoo PDF 3

Now that you've prepared everything, you're ready to create a gamer’s guide PDF with the SwifDoo PDF creator program. 

In Conclusion

PDFs are useful in almost every aspect of digital life, and gaming is no different. You can use them for everything from deepening your understanding of narrative to improving your gameplay to providing supplementary materials for games themselves. Thus, be sure to harness the potential of PDFs as you continue to game.



Charlotte has been in the software industry for 8+ years. She works for AWZWARE now as a passionate writer. She is good at providing simple guides to use various video, office and entertainment software. Charlotte also recommends many other useful tools to make your work and life easier. A food lover too.

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