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How to Write a Video Game Story and Save It as PDF

By Susy | Follow twitter | Updated on January 18, 2023

The video game industry is the only sector that never faces any loss or slows down the market. Instead, the market value increases every day with the launch of the new game on several platforms. A good storyline binds the wholesome fun, and the narrative element makes the game popular and exciting. So, if you have writing zeal, you can try video game script writing. We will guide you through our post.

How to write video game story

Earlier video games were launched targeting specific age players, especially teenagers and grown-up kids. But over time, the game industry has emerged and developed games to attract people of any age and gender. Have you ever thought about why these games are so captivating that gamers spend hours playing with them?

What Are Video Games All About?

Let us brief you. Unlike any movies or shows, games also have exciting scripts to compel gamers to explore the layers, and they move forward, crossing the levels and achieving the target. In other words, a compelling narrative introduces you to a fascinating world of characters, weapons, unknown lands, targets, and achievements. These elements take you through the passage; in every layer, you discover something new, which increases your thirst for the next move.

If you closely watch the games and the storyline, you can sense that in the beginning, they inculcate curiosity so that you can get involved and lost in the game for the next few hours.

And if the game falls under multiple players, then it would be the best time to pass with the group gamers and their teams to combat, win, lose, encounter challenges, win, reach the target, etc. In short, the game aims to engage you with the play.

What is the role of the game writer?

The video game is not a movie but more than that. Fundamental technical knowledge is necessary to understand the game developer’s ideas and cascade them into words. Here, the developer’s vision comes first, and based on the technology, the writers need to draft the story. For example, game developers may need a situation where armed men surround the main protagonist and want to rob him. Here, the writer can suggest the escape route using imagination power.

Again, the game's hero is confined in the dense forest, and with bare hands, he faces the deadly beasts. Video game script writers can suggest the survival technique to the game director. So, it is teamwork, and developers, game directors, and writers coordinate their thought processes and create something unique that gamers feel excited to play and even recommend their mates join them.

Seemingly, it doesn't look effortless, but once you grab the ideas and concept of the game, your half job is done. Your next job will be to flow words so that the graphics characters look natural and the narrative excites the gamers to play the game till the end.

How to Write a Game Script

A story needs to introduce characters and develop the plot; it needs settings, background, etc. All these elements are also required in video game scripts. For example, if you’re a newbie in this field, follow the below method to learn how to write a game script. But before start writing any game story, you must team up with your developers or game director to discuss the variations, and then you can move forward.

Let’s start!

Set up the Plot

Before moving to the main story, you must develop the plot and the background. For example, you can specify a country, jungle, or location that suits the game's theme. Yes, you heard it right. The theme is essential in video game scripts; the story will move forward based on it.

Story Outline

Your next step will be to outline the story. You can include the introduction of the characters and sketch their activities for the next couple of hours. In the outline, you can write a simple discussion.

Create the Story Background

It's crucial to create your story background. The background can be anywhere: a desert, a forest, a city, or an urban life. Background setting aims to attract players to the place and excite them to explore the land with the game's protagonist. Selecting a background must be tricky, as players will be roaming the location for the next few hours. So, decide according to the game theme and the nature of the game.

Characters Building

Another crucial part is to build the characters. Players represent the characters in the game—their actions and movement help to develop the story. You must formulate several characters with different approaches if the game is multiplayer. And if it's a single-player, you must create supporting characters for further development.

The Actions of the Characters

Based on the weapons and technology, the action will be decided. If the game is power packed, you need to add many combat scenes, bloodshed, attacks, enemies, etc. If the game is for life skills, you must add skills that save a life. So, again, the actions depend on the theme of the game.

Other Elements

While you show that the game is evolving, you must add maps, location towers, weapons, weapons descriptions, etc., which are elementary and support the story and help move forward.

Once you chalk out all these elements, words will flow naturally, and you can draft a story that suits the play, the theme, and the technology.

How to Save Your Game Story

Once your story is ready, you need to save it. The best format we can suggest to you is PDF. Because you have to mail the saved file to the developer and the game director. Once the developers slowly developed the game, he added the narration. It takes time. And PDF format is best for preserving any file for a long time. So again, you can access the file from any device without disturbing the structure layout of the file.

Installing the SwifDoo PDF tool to access your PDF game story whenever required would be better. The script might be changed several times during the game's development to match the play's theme and concept. For example, with SwifDoo PDF software, you can edit easily, add new characters or twists in the story, or remove characters or unwanted parts. If you want to highlight any part of your story to draw the attention of the developers, you can do it using its PDF annotation feature.

How to write video game story PDF with SwifDoo PDF

Further, to prevent unofficial access to your story during development, you can password-protect it with double-layer codes. Thus, you can also avoid stealing ideas before the game's launch and protect your script PDF with the password using SwifDoo PDF software.

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Final Words

Game script is different from any other form of entertainment that undergo rigorous editing during development. The narrative can be variant as per the theme and nature of the video games. After setting the script, save it in PDF format for smooth access. And if you install the SwifDoo PDF tool, you can edit the PDF file whenever required. In addition, you can share the file with your developers and keep the file access limitation between you and the game developers.



Susy has worked with PDF tools for more than 5 years. During the past time, PDF software is of huge assistance in increasing her productivity. She joined SwifDoo PDF one year ago and works as an editor now. Based on a lot of research and tests, Susy can offer users professional and practical solutions to PDF issues.

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