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Your Absolute Guide to Fortune Telling Cards in 2023

By Charlotte | Follow twitter | Updated on February 2, 2023

As humans, we have always been curious to know what lies in the future. Magical thinking holds no bounds, and in desperate need of a desire to touch reality, we often come across fortune tellers and soothsayers, unknowingly contributing to a hike in their industry.

Seeing the idiosyncrasies of individuals after bumping into the soothsayers, even the card games have stepped in to rule everyone's hearts and the Wheel of Fortune tops the race.

This article travels you through Fortune telling and what does the Bible say about Fortune telling. It will also guide you with the steps to play the famous Fortune telling cards game, Wheel of Fortune, to make the most of your free time with friends and family. So let's get started.

Fortune Telling Cards

What Is Fortune Telling

Fortune Telling is the art of predicting information that is about to happen in the future in an individual's life. Though the thoughts are not based on any evidence, in a way, it prepares the individual to guard a protective shield against the worst possible thing that can happen so as not to feel disappointed or let down on the occurrence of any such unfortunate event.

Lately, fortune tellers and soothsayers have seen growth as people are drawn towards knowing what lies in store for them. Earlier, crystal balls were used for predictionary practices, but over time other methods of Fortune telling, like tarot cards, palm readings, etc., were adopted by Western popular culture.

What Does the Bible Say About Fortune Telling

The Bible doesn't entertain Fortune telling as it believes that psychics are evil and an abomination of the Lord. Instead, one should put their faith and trust in God instead of relying on a psychic that can bring demonic spirits or malpractices to get quick help.

There are multiple verses that clearly state that people should not turn to psychics or mediums to get help, as that will make them unclean. The Lord is the Supreme power to take care of all.

But going with the craze, let's check the popular Fortune telling cards game, Wheel of Fortune.

Traditional Wheel of Fortune Card Game

Wheel of Fortune is a popular and travel-friendly card game that consists of 88 Puzzle cards with 176 puzzles and 20 Wheel cards and can be played between 2 to 4 players and age groups of people 12 years and up.

Before you begin to play, arrange for a host to write down the players' scores, a pen or pencil, and a writing pad.

Fortune Telling cards game Wheel of Fortune

Steps to Play Wheel of Fortune Card Game

Before playing the Wheel of Fortune card game, ensure you are thorough with the official game rules. You can also devise your own game rules, but every player must be aware of the same for a fair game. A simple process to play the Wheel of Fortune card game is as follows:

Step 1: First, separate the Wheel deck from the Puzzle deck.

Step 2: Then, to start playing the game, you can opt for the youngest player to go first.

Step 3: The player can choose either of the three options to begin with, like buy a vowel, spin a wheel, aka flip over a card on the deck, or solve the puzzle and end the round.

Step 4: To start the game, the player must opt to spin the wheel, shuffle the wheel card, pick the top card, and flip it over.

Step 5: The card denotes the value of the Spin, representing the value for the number of times the player's chosen letter (i.e., a consonant) appears in the puzzle.

For Example: If the player shuffles and draws a card of value $2500 from the Wheel deck and chooses the letter T, the puzzle consists of the term 'MAJESTIC CASTLES.' In this case, the letter T appears twice in the puzzle deck. So the player will score and earn $5000 (i.e., 2 x $2500) for that round.

Step 6: The same player will again get the chance to shuffle and draw a card and will repeat the process until his consonant fails to appear in the puzzle.

Step 7: Suppose the player decides to buy a vowel this time. A vowel costs $250. So the said amount will be deducted from the earned score before any spins take place, regardless of the number of times it appears in the puzzle.

Step 8: The player will guess the vowel. If it appears in the puzzle, he will again get a chance to shuffle and draw the card. However, the turn will pass on to other players if it doesn't.

The game will be played in the same manner until the puzzle word is rightly guessed, and the game may continue for a course of three puzzles to decide the winner of the game.

Availability of Fortune Telling Books

To know deeper insights into the Fortune telling, you can scroll through the web and find multiple Fortune telling books. Such books are readily available in PDF formats to access anytime on the go. Also, sites like PDF Drive can help you with numerous books in this regard. So you can sign in and download such books to update your knowledge until you satiate your fascination.

After downloading such PDF books or Fortune telling cards game tutorials and instructions (rules), you can easily access these files using the SwifDoo PDF.

This software helps you open and read your PDF books, files and documents anytime in its View mode and select multiple options from the Reading mode. You can also edit and annotate to highlight texts and add notes to your critical PDF documents.

Fortune Telling PDF books read and edit with SwifDoo PDF

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Quick Wrap Up

Fortune telling can be seen as an entertainment activity. However, frequent fortune-telling can be an effect of various factors like our growth pattern, biological makeup, daily adversities, coping skills, and underlying mental health conditions. However, it should not become a habit.

However, if you love playing fortune telling cards games and want to access its tutorials or rules, or need hands-on access to the PDF books on fortune telling, then the SwifDoo PDF can be your safest bet.



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