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How to Create a World without Paper to Save Trees: The Use of PDF

By Susy | Follow twitter | Updated on May 4, 2022

Over the period, our mother planet is getting sick. There are many reasons behind it, and the prime reason is deforestation and unplanned urbanization. As a result, we kill the natural ecosystem, which is the real substance of our own existence.

Thanks to technology and the awareness among the elite educationalist, entrepreneurs, business world that they have started the campaign against all the threats of nature and ask to adopt environment friendly items and habits to add to your daily routine.


Paperless pay, digital bills, online classes, and fewer paper uses are examples of awareness campaigns list we will show in this article.

The Present Scenario of Our Environment

The entire layers of our environment are polluted now, especially in first-world countries going through the most harrowing situation to deal with. The deadly gas emission in the air and the death toll have risen to 11.65% globally, the last year's survey revealed. We cannot breathe without the intake of poisonous gas, and the scenario is similar everywhere on this earth.

The air is no fresher, and so does the water and soil. Earlier, it was revealed that factories' disposal of toxic release to the rivers and streams threaten water bodies surrounding us. Adding the worse, now even ocean waters are highly polluted that marine life is in danger, and even their life span is shortening due to the toxic level increase in the ocean.

Soil or the land cannot carry the load of population explosion. The list is pretty long due to deforestation, unplanned urbanization, plastic products, and disposal of non-biodegradable products without proper measures. We are mounting our own damage by destroying the soil quality for our own sake.

As a small country, Bangladesh is considered the most soil polluted land, with an average PM2.5 concentration of 77.10. Now imagine the scenario of the other countries that experience landfalls, nature's destructive powers and bear storms, heavy rains, floods etc.

Water, soil, and air, the prime three layers that bear our existence, get highly toxic. We live on a bombshell that anytime can explode and destroy everything within no time. The overuse of plastics and cutting down trees and forests damage the natural balance in the environment.

The natural imbalance creates a gap, and the all-natural destructive forces result from this imbalance. If you go through the pollution level in and out of our surroundings, you will encounter global warming, overpopulation, waste disposal, ocean acidification, loss of biodiversity, deforestation, ozone layer depletion, etc.  

The Primary Threat to Our Environment

The unprecedented environmental threats are emerging on a global scale, and we are bearing the loss of biodiversity, wetlands, and forests.

Climate change, depletion of energy resources and ozone layer, waste production, deforestation, soil erosion, population explosion, imbalanced ecosystem, extreme weather conditions threat are the significant issues we need to think about on a serious note if we want to leave anything behind for our upcoming generation.

The worsening condition is in the air. Air pollution claims 7 million deaths globally, the most significant environmental health threat as of now.

Our wildlife has been going through an unbearable phase due to the imbalanced ecosystem and biodiversity hazards. Their existence on the toss and the reasons are countless. Micro to macro, all the creatures lost their harmonious existence on this earth for the unmindful urbanization and deforestation for the development of roadways, residential facilities and factories set up.

Cutting down trees is not only the loss of greeneries, and we also claim the lives depend on those trees. Thus, we damage to nature's natural rhythm, and our co-existence with them is entirely a threat.

Global Meet and the Stands of World Top Countries on Environmental Issues

The general awareness to protect our environment came to light during the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment mega-conference in 1972, known as Stockholm Conference.

In 1997 Earth Summit in NewYork and World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002 in Johannesburg are the platforms where the world leaders, environmentalists, and renowned personalities from different sectors show their deep concern about the changing environment and the deadly impact on the earth.

The severe issues came into broad daylight, and developed countries came forward to address the problems and the solutions for a better future.

Every year global meet is arranged, and organizers invite countries, various NGOs and companies that work to improve the climate. They actively participate in addressing their concern. In these events, several measures have been taken, and improvisation parameters have to be included to deal with the situation.

The Solution Offered by Environmentalists

The more you remain close to nature, it'll return you more than your expectations. Global meets agreed on one point that plantation is a necessary and elementary step to secure our existing generation from nature's deadly and destructive outcomes. Environmentalist Jay Westerveld 1986 coined the term eco-friendly. Brands and companies promise to provide eco-friendly green products to their customers.

The term eco-friendly stands firm to show the deep concern for nature and natural products. Eco-friendly, aka environment friendly, is the concept that you use more green products without harming nature. The concept reduces the usage of plastics and plastic products. It emphasizes biodegradable products that quickly dissolve in the soil and increase the fertility rate of the soil profile.

Even in the ocean, the eco-friendly products easily dissolve without harming the marine life or damaging the balance.

Keeping in mind the pollution levels in soil and water bodies, brands and companies have started producing eco-friendly office supplies with eco-friendly office ideas to reduce the usage of non-biodegradable products that cause heavily damaged soil and water bodies.

Vehicles emit large quantities of carbon dioxide in the air, which causes lungs and breathing issues among the kids, newborns and senior citizens. An old vehicle with dirt inside the engine produces greenhouse gases, nitrous oxide, and methane, which are deadly and toxic to breathe.

Eco-friendly cars have been introduced to deal with the situation and reduce poisonous gas emissions in the air. The concept is effective and valuable. Eco-friendly cars use CNG instead of petrol Or diesel. A few brands have been initiating battery runs for the vehicle. It increases renewable energy consumption, which is good for the environment and the ecosystem in our surroundings.

Eco-friendly office furniture has been introduced to reduce the cutting down trees or overuse of plastics products, which are not easy to resolve in the soil. Eco-friendly office products are also introduced to deal with the pollution level in the ground or water as they can quickly deal with disposal issues.

The household and hospitality industry is not behind and participates in this eco-friendly revolution to counter the environmental issues. People use a large amount of eco-friendly materials at home. Similarly, hotels, offices, hospitals, and mass places use eco-friendly products that include kitchen products, toilet items like soaps, eco-friendly toilet paper and many other things included in the list.

To bring back the soil quality, we need to use biodegradable products so that they all quickly get dissolve in the soil without damaging its quality.

To keep the soil and water bodies pollution-free, we need to maximize the use of eco-friendly products. After a few years, when their life span is over, they can be reused in the factories.

Here the reuse concept aligns the used products and recreates the products using the waste or thrown up products. The reuse concept heals nature, and the waste products have been recycled to create new products. Thus, we can save energy resources yet produces eco-friendly products that, in the end, dissolve into nature.

How to Reduce the Usage of Paper

At the mega global meet, all the countries agreed that we need to reduce the use of paper to save the large trees falling down to make paper out of it.

In the last 40 years, paper usage has increased by 400%, including for professional and personal purposes. This data indicates two million trees per day and four billion trees per year are chopped out to meet the paper consumption globally. Imagine where we're heading and what is left for our future generations?

Several companies and brands have come forward and initiated a paperless work culture to address the serious issue. The business world and offices reduce the usage of papers and adopt digital concepts at large.

To append the idea, the companies and business houses introduce paperless work and emphasis more on digital use like mails, office or business documents, staff notices, admin register, office register and many others that initially involved with pen and papers, now you need a desktop or laptop, a few clicks. You can finish all the office work without touching pieces.

Small, medium and large offices introduced office tools, including PDF software that will reduce the usage of papers and save a large number of trees. PDF has its own credibility that professionals rely upon blindly to create invoices, tax documents, legal documents, etc. SwifDoo PDF converter contributes its portion to the benefits of society. It helps in reducing the emissions of greenhouse effects.

SwifDoo PDF converter even allows you to do digital signature that saves papers and inks which are from nature. The software would encourage you to finish all your work using a desktop or laptop. There's an end to the use of papers as everything goes digital.

Bill payment in the big stores and malls has been reduced, and paperless pay came to rescue the overuse of papers to make the lengthy bill. Now just pay the amount you buy items, and you'll receive the bill acknowledgement on your mobile screen.

China and Denmark are leading the paperless payment and introducing QR codes to pay the bills. These two countries and central European countries move towards paperless payment methods, declaring them free from paper bills and payment methods.

In the education sector and especially after the virus outbreak and online classes, several brands and companies have launched digital learning equipment like tablets, note pads, and small size laptops so that students can be equipped with the paperless concept from the beginning.

The software and the devices allow students to learn the books, practice maths and science and art folks can use the devices to draw, sketch whatever coming from their creative brains.

Notebook books are primarily produced to meet global students' demands. But education brands and companies encourage students to participate in paperless educational programs and use minimum paper to save millions of trees. Here the usage of PDF is also increased.

Students can submit their home assignments in PDF format and get the evaluation signature from the teacher who's also using a PDF software to access your PDF home tasks. Thus, in the collaborative effort to make the work culture as paperless as possible, we're heading slowly and gradually to the world of no paper use to save millions of trees.

Your Stands and Responsibility towards Nature

You cannot deny your role as responsible citizens on this earth. If a single person understands what should be used and what not even in daily life, it'll impact the environment.

The global population reaches 7.9 billion, and if everyone knows what to do for the betterment of the environment, it'll bring massive changes in society. Responsibility comes with minimum knowledge about the surrounding areas. The profound impact on nature must drive you what to do and what not.

Use more renewable energy to reduce the use of pollutants, keep the surrounding area clean, plant more trees, and allow a fresh breath in the air. Increase the use of organic products that are excluded from harmful chemicals and pesticides to encourage organic farmers. The environment friendly products are suitable for health and improve the overall development of healthy body and mind.

Final Words

Keeping environmental threats as a challenge to our own existence is a collective responsibility of all the countries and our fellow inhabitants on this earth. Technology has come forward to help deal with the deadly threat and allow nature to heal.

To narrow down the issues, we must use eco-friendly products and go for more greeneries. And the best start will be from home, office, and gradually move to the other sectors. Environment-friendly products are even the best for skin and overall health and help you deal with several diseases that are caused by heavy pollution in the air, water, and soil.



Susy has worked with PDF tools for more than 5 years. During the past time, PDF software is of huge assistance in increasing her productivity. She joined SwifDoo PDF one year ago and works as an editor now. Based on a lot of research and tests, Susy can offer users professional and practical solutions to PDF issues.

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