In the business world, time is money, yet businesses with multiple goals and no clear direction are often the ones who wish for more hours in the day.

Running and managing a business is tough at the best of time, but when you’re trying to find the time to help your employees manage their time and workloads more efficiently too, it can sometimes become overwhelming.

With deadlines to meet, projects to manage, emails to reply to, calls to make, sales to make, and everything else that goes with working and running a business, planning your time is more important than ever. This is where a weekly work plan template can be so useful.


Creating a weekly work plan can save you and your employees heaps of time in the future, it can help you meet deadlines, and it can make work easier in the process. To help you along, here are some handy tips for designing one, such as downloading a weekly workplan sample PDF.

Identify Deadlines

Some of the first things that you need to include in your weekly work plan are deadlines.

When creating your work plan, be sure to include any important deadlines for upcoming projects, as these are what everything you include in there will be all about.

By identifying deadlines, you know what you can realistically include and omit in your work plan to ensure everybody stays on track without becoming overwhelmed.

Download a Workplan Sample PDF

Another top tip for anybody creating a weekly work plan is to download a workplan sample PDF and then tweak it that way.

Rather than starting from scratch, you can download a sample or template which you can then edit and fill in your way, based upon your business and line of work.

Download the work plan sample PDF, open it up with SwifDoo PDF, and then use their PDF editing feature and edit the plan that way, including everything that needs including.

Once finished, save it, and go ahead and print it off and you’re all set.       

Write a Brief Description of Each Project

Rather than simply typing in the name of each project, and the deadline, another top tip when designing a weekly work plan template is to write a description of each project you’ve included.

Write down a brief description of the specs, and any special instructions as this will ensure that you and your employees know exactly what’s involved.

Establish Goals

Another thing to include in your weekly work plan template is your goals.

Write down the objective behind each project. Don’t just write ‘to get paid’ instead, look at what you want to get from each sale you make. For example, if it is a new client, your goals could be: ‘deliver before the deadline’ and ‘leave them happy so that they buy from us again’.

A business with no goals is like a ship sailing on the ocean with no map.



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